Enjoying: The fact that we finally have our Christmas tree and most of our decorations up!

Loving: Wearing bright purple shoes to work most days

Playing: Way too much Payday 2… It seems this time of year is my biggest time to start new games, because this time last year it was Borderlands 2

Feeling: Much more energetic than usual since me and Michael starting doing pilates daily for the last week and a half

Planning: My pages for December Daily this week. I’m still yet to have started, but I know what I’m documenting most days, and have a heap of ideas for how I would like to make my pages

Missing: Person of Interest… I’ve been hooked on this show for awhile now, and I’m still a little sad that there are no more episodes until January… This is one of few shows I watch week to week

Spending: Lots of last minute time and money on finishing up Christmas shopping. It’s mostly done now though, and the few things I don’t yet have will be easy to get. Now to cut out all the PL mini kit journalling cards!

Waiting: For my Christmas cards to arrive. I’m hoping they are here by the weekend!

Reading: The 2nd book in the Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr. Love these books!

Making: Plans for the new year… Projects to work on, books to read, classes to take, things to try, places to go!

Wishing: I had about a million more hours in each day to get through my never ending project list! 🙂



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