10 Things – Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas

So it’s that time of the year again where we all start thinking about awesome gifts we can give to others. I’ve rounded up a few of my favourites that I’ve given over the last year or so, since I like finding the perfect gifts rather than giving money or gift cards (that’s just my preference though, since both money and gift cards can be awesome presents!).

  • Movie packs. This could be with some movie tickets, drink and snacks, or the cheap but great movie multipacks you can get, along with drinks and snacks. Everyone seems to love these!
  • Project Life mini albums and along with a mini kit. Great for kids any anyone else who wants to preserve their photos in a fun way!
  • Photography classes or camera accessories for the photo lovers out there. I personally like Remember Forever for their photography classes, who often have discounted classes that you can purchase
  • Additions to add-on items, things like Pandora charms or charm bracelet charms can be great for the women in your life that like jewellery
  • A nice dinner out, somewhere different to usual. Most people enjoy a good night out!
  • A travel pack that includes stuff like a travel pillow, passport or document wallet, and a travel diary for the traveller in your life
  • For the readers that you know, a good book is always appreciated!
  • Cheese platters, fancy chocolate packs, or a variety of interesting teas can be great for anyone who appreciates the finer things
  • If you know someone who loves learning, you could get them an online class, such what you can get through Big Picture Classes or Skillshare
  • Cute homemade vouchers for things like babysitting, helping in the garden, home cooked meals, etc

Of course there are many other ideas out there, and I’m always looking around for new ones, but these are just a few tried and true favourites!


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