I Choose – December

I Choose

My November goals were basically a write off, as I got very little done compared to what I was hoping, but it was still a lot of fun, and my goals pretty much shifted throughout the month to completely different things, so I’m ok with that.

This month I will:

  • Complete another round of 100 Things (I got to around 80-90 in November!)
  • Finish the last little bit of my 2012 December Daily album
  • Host Christmas lunch/dinner with Dad and my sisters
  • Enjoy plenty of family time though out the month
  • Practice night photography by taking photos of all the lovely Christmas light goodness!
  • Decorate for Christmas
  • Complete at least one Christmas craft (plans are in place for a Christmas garland, table runner and tree skirt, but as I’m not sure if my sewing machine will work, I’m aiming for at least one!)
  • Work on my 2013 December Daily album (first post coming shortly!)
  • Get Christmas photos taken with my sisters
  • Send out Christmas cards (I have plans made so far, but have not yet started making them, so I’ll be getting that done within a day or so)

Christmas time is my favourite, and I can’t believe it’s here already! Santa comes later this month, and I hope everyone reading this has been good and made it on the nice list! 🙂


My One Little Word for the year is Choose. Each month this year, I’m making a list of things I choose to do throughout the month. These will generally be fun things to prioritize, rather than a set to do list. You can see my “Choose” posts here. I have also made some “Choose” anklets, as a way to keep my word close to me each day, and you can see these here.

If you don’t know what One Little Word is, you can read more about it in this post from Ali Edwards. I will be undertaking Ali’s One Little Word class again this year, and creating an album about my word and the changes it’s manifesting in my life.


2 thoughts on “I Choose – December

    • Thanks Maria! I’m looking forward to making a good start on it too! I’m so close to being done for 2012 though, that I feel like I should keep working on it before starting. Well that and the fact that you can’t see my craft desk and my 2013 stuff is buried at the bottom from moving stuff around in the craft room!

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