The Grateful List

The Grateful List

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, but after all the talk about being grateful that I’ve seen online lately, I’ve been feeling rather grateful myself and wanted to reflect on that. It feels like such a great time to start recording a lot of these things since we’re coming into the holiday season, so here are a few of the things I’ve been grateful for lately. Some are rather trivial, but hey, it’s the little things that make life sweet!

These are in no real order, but there’s enough for every day of the month:

  • Michael. He is my favourite for sure! I’m super glad he’s in my life
  • The newest game he’s got me hooked on, Payday 2. It’s great fun! Yes, that probably makes me a nerd, but I do love first person shooter games!
  • Ice cold water in the fridge. It’s coming into summer here, and it’s been quite warm, so this is always a refreshing treat!
  • Spending time with family on the weekends. It never seems like it’s long enough for a catch up, but it’s always worth it, even having to drive an hour and a half each way
  • Our house has windows now! After starting to build months after the builders promised, things are finally coming together and it’s going up oh-so-quickly. It’s super exciting!
  • Mangos. Enough said!
  • Clearing out some of the junk around here that I don’t want to move house with us. To be fair, most of it’s not actually junk, it’s just clutter that was taking up space. It’s nice to feel like we’re ending up with more breathing room here.
  • Crafty time. I’ve been working on my December Daily lately, and it’s been so much fun! I’m super excited to start this years album. I feel so much more peaceful when I do crafty projects
  • How well my indoor parlour palm is doing. It makes me smile each time I see it! I’ve never had a plant thrive as well as this one seems to before. At least not under my care!
  • That Michael sends me flowers each month for no apparent reason. He is the sweetest, and they always brighten my day!
  • My phone. I love getting to check instagram, facebook, twitter, email and the likes at any point in time. I rarely text or on my phone anymore, but I certainly use it for the internet a lot!
  • How happy Michael is at getting his new laptop. Although I think secretly he’s only this happy because he’s the IT guy, yet I had a better laptop than he did up until this week!
  • Purple work shoes. At least now that I’m getting over the blisters they caused! They are bright and cheerful and make me super happy!
  • Lists. I don’t think I would stay sane without them!
  • Getting to take a little mid-week get away with Michael. It had been over a year since we had a break together. It was fun to hang out with him at the zoo and spend a few days eating amazing food!
  • How much more I have documented this year than any other. 6 months of PL, almost daily journalling, blogging and a few other random projects. This makes it happy, and makes taking all those extra photos so much more worth it!
  • Weekend sleepins. I don’t sleep enough during the week most of the time, and I love my Saturday catch up!
  • Visiting my cousin, her hubby, and her kids, and being surprised to see her sister, hubby and kids there too! I love the rare catch ups I have with distant relatives!
  • The fact that I have my Christmas present list mostly sorted for this year. Now to finish up shopping and start wrapping!
  • Reading. I’ve always been a book work, but always seem to forget just how much I enjoy reading when I have so many other hobbies. Started the latest series I’m reading (Wicked Lovely) is a great reminder!
  • Being given the chance to train the newest addition to my team at work. I’ve spent the last month training, and while it’s been fairly full on, it’s also super rewarding!
  • The fact that I managed to get the sound working on my laptop again tonight, after having a few issues with it this week. It worked with headphones, but not my speakers.
  • BBQ weather! My favourite dinners involve pretty much any meat cooked on the BBQ along with a big salad. Got to love summer for that!
  • The Digital Project Life sale going on the moment. I was planning on stocking up on a few extra bits and pieces, and now I can afford to a little more easily. Also, how amazing is the Just Add Colour kit?
  • The ability to sew. It comes in handy when I need to add new buttons on my work pants because the clip they came with was never set properly, so it kept coming undone.
  • Getting to see Nan from the farm one night this month. We only see her once every year or 2 since she lives so far away, so it was nice to catch up a little.
  • My bike basket. It was a perfect size for my big camera, and super handy for our ride around the zoo!
  • The fact that Photoshop works so well on this computer, especially now that I seem to spend so much time using it lately!
  • The blogs that keep me entertained daily. I’d be lost without them, and I’m glad that I’ll get to have a bit more time to spend looking at them going forward! The little things 🙂
  • Our big office printer. I’m dreading moving it in April, but loving all the printables I can do with it. Great for projects!



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