Feeling: Grateful to have a few days off work to spend with Michael. We haven’t been away together since NZ last year!

Loving: Dubbo Zoo… I’ve never been before, and it’s bigger than Taronga Zoo, has a few different animals, and you can drive or ride around. So much fun!

Waiting: For the start of December so that I can spend some time working on my December Daily for this year. Amazingly, I’m still excited about it, even though I’m finishing up my one from last year still!

Watching: Lots of little video clips of people prep work for December Daily. I have lots of ideas and inspiration to get working on my album

Debating: Whether or not to invest in Becky Higgins’ Creative Live class. What I saw was super inspiring and fun, but it’s pretty expensive.

Working: On clearing out 100 things from the unit this month. It’s almost the end of the month though, and I’m still only about half way through!

Organising: Documents on my computer STILL! This is taking me forever! And sometimes I think I download them faster than I can organise them.

Eating: Quite good food all week… We’ve had High Tea at the zoo, tried out the Lion’s Pride restaurant in Dubbo (it has amazing snitzel and ribs!), a tapas place and a pizza place. The pizza place was a letdown though.

Planning: On getting lots of December Daily work done while Michael is away this week, including printing the last of the photos off for 2012 tomorrow after work.

Enjoying: The new game Michael brought for me, Payday 2. I started playing yesterday, and it’s quite fun! Especially in multiplayer.


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