Making an Effort to take more Photos

I’ve been lacking in the photo taking department lately… I’ve barely taken any lately! It’s meant that I’ve been struggling to work on Project Life pages, too, since I don’t really have enough photos to use… I’m pretty sure some weeks over the last few months I’ve only had a 3 or 4 photos for the whole week! Good thing I keep diary and can take filler photos if needed!

Instagram 1Instagram 2

In an effort to try start taking more photos before the Christmas season fully hits, I’ve decided I’m going to start using Instagram again. Yes, I’ve also been lacking on the instagram front as well! I only shared 1 photo in October and 3 in September… Yikes!

Instagram 3Instagram 4But I promise you all now that I’m going to start taking more pictures again, and sharing on Instagram again. Be patient with me, it may take a while to get into the routine again! These are a few of my recent pictures from the last month. If you want to follow along and check my progress, you can find me on Instagram here šŸ™‚

Instagram 5Instagram 6

There will be plenty of projects over the next few months, December Daily pages to be made, getaway adventures and zoo pics, family catch ups and lots more, so I’m excited to get behind the lens again!



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