December Daily Ideas

In preparation for my December Daily this year, I’ve decided to list a heap of ideas that I want to include. I may not use all of these ideas… There is a high likelihood of that, since there are more ideas then there are days, but hey, at least I won’t be stuck with a blank day because I can’t think of something to write about!


  • Your holiday intentions and how your aim to celebrate the season
  • The weather wherever you are. Is it the same as every other year, or something out of the ordinary? Do you like it, or do you long for the reverse?
  • Christmas lists (to do lists, grocery list, gift list, wish list, card list). I love including these!


  • Newly made Christmas decorations along with instructions
  • Family Christmas card along with any sort of newsletter to go with it. Also a sample of the stamps you’ve used when you’ve sent it
  • Your Christmas traditions. When you started them, why you decided to start the tradition, who’s involved, why you love it


  • Christmas food. Your favourite things to eat, what your traditional go-tos are, anything new you’ve tried, Christmas treats you make and share. Share some favourite Christmas recipes
  • Favourite Christmas songs
  • Favourite Christmas movies
  • Favorite Christmas decorations. Where they came from, how long you’ve had them, etc


  • Viewing Christmas lights
  • You’re tree (and of course the glowing bokeh with Christmas lights!). How you decorate it, favourite ornaments, real vs fake, colours to decorate with, etc
  • Pinterest favourites for the season
  • Holiday rituals


  • Christmas parties you attend
  • Letters to Santa (and no, this is not just for the kids!)
  • Gifts you are giving and gifts you receive. Why you chose particular gifts. Were they handmade or store brought.
  • Childhood memories of Christmas


  • Wrapped presents under the tree. Do you like the presents to match? Prefer bags or gift wrap? Include a sample of what you wrap the presents in. What do you use for gift tags?
  • How do the holidays make you feel? Who do you celebrate with? When does the season start and end for you?
  • Joy is… prompt
  • Visiting Santa


  • Collage of Christmas decorations
  • A round up of highlights from the year
  • What’s the Best thing that happened to your family this past year?
  • Last Minute Christmas Preparations


  • Are you travelling over Christmas? Where, when, why? How do you celebrate while travelling?
  • Welcoming the New Year
  • The Best Part About the Holiday Season is…
  • Boxing Day and how you prefer to spend it.

This is just a handful of many things that work for me and the way I celebrate with my family, so there are many more ideas you could try as well. I hope this list comes in handy for you as well 🙂


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