10 Things – Working On this Week

This month is starting out to be a busy one. Lots of projects going on, but also full on days at work and lots happening at home. How is it that it can be so busy at this time of the year? It’s not even Christmas yet! On a side note, I am rather excited about the fact that next month it’s Christmas though 🙂

10 Things

So, 10 things I’m working on this week seems like a good idea for tonight’s post!

  1. Training a new girl at work. This is the first time that I’ve been in charge of training a new person at work from start to finish, and I quite enjoy it! Our newest team member is quite lovely, and has quite good knowledge about our products already, so it’s more learning about our procedures and systems. It means that I come home rather exhausted though, because although it’s fun, it’s hard work!
  2. Coming up with fundraising ideas to help our my sister’s with their fundraising efforts for their trip to volunteer in an African orphanage. I’m making a fundraising binder so that we can start recorded dates things are on, to-do lists, new ideas, ways to make existing ideas better, fundraising goals and the likes. It’s fun! We’re also coming up with ideas for products we can sell at the markets and awesome ways we can display things.
  3. Organising files on my laptop. I have to say, this is a much bigger task than I ever expected! I’ve managed to copy everything off my old hard drive onto the new one, but decided that once and for all, I was going to get everything organised fully on here. I still have all of my photos to go, along with a folder of things within my Project Life folder and a folder in my folder. That’s not counting the 3 external hard drives that have multiple backups and thousands of duplicated files. It’s a mess!
  4. On the topic of digital organisation, I am also working on clearing out the bookmarks I have in Google Chrome. I started at a guess about 3000 or more… I’d be well into the hundreds now. It helps I deleted the biggest number of them all in error though.. Much quicker way of doing things! 😉
  5. Catching up on entering my diary entries into Oh Life… For about 3 months now, I’ve been randomly jotting down what I get up to each day on bits of paper, so I have quite a lot of typing ahead!
  6. Finding 100 things to get rid of. I’m off to a slow start and have only gotten rid of 16 items so far. I have a list of stuff to go though, and I’m hoping to make a good start on it over the weekend!
  7. Reading the Wicked Lovely book series. I’ve spent an hour or more getting them all covered (I’m fussy with books, and don’t like them getting damage so always spend the time to cover them in contact when I read them), and I’m half way through book one now. I love these books, even if they are young adult books 🙂
  8. Coming up with ideas for our future garden. While visiting our block, we’ve looked at some of the gardens of the houses around us and come up with a few ideas. I also have some books to go through. It’s fun, but way more challenging to me that decorating the inside of the place, since I’m clueless about all things plant related!
  9. Making a list of all of the Christmas presents we’re going to give this year, and starting the process of buying and making everything. We have 13 people to buy for, and have ideas for just over half of the presents, which is a good start. I’m hoping to have the shopping done by the end of the month if possible.
  10. Working on a mini album project for an upcoming getaway with Michael. I’ll share more shortly, but I’m quite enjoying it! A few more supplies to round-up, and a few more cutouts to do, and I’m good to go 🙂

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