Winter Manifesto Update 2

I’ve spent some time over the last couple of days working on my finishing up my Winter Manifesto album, and I have another update to share (there will be one more after this to share the last of the pages). I’m not a big fan of the winter. I certainly can’t stand the cold, that’s for sure! But last year, I decided to embrace this time of the year when I started seeing all the Summer Manifesto’s popping up around the place and in doing so, made a Summer Manifesto. These were the items that I wanted to do this winter.

Winter-ManifestoWhile I didn’t get through everything off my list, I did do most of the things. I also decided to make some extra pages for anything else fun from this winter that I wanted to record, and ended up with another 10 or so double pages. These pages will all be printed out as 6×6 inches and put into a mini album (which I am now trying to source as the post-bound isn’t working for me… Anyone know where I can get a 6×6 D-ring album in blue or silver?)

Winter-Manifesto-SunsetsThis winter had awesome sunsets when I actually got to enjoy them, which wasn’t overly often due to the shorter days. I definitely enjoyed them when I could though!

Winter-Manifesto-Slow-Cooker-Savory-MinceI sometimes end up craving savory mince when it’s cold, and this winter, I decided to try making it in the slow cooker for the first time, since one of my ideas was to try a new slow cooker meal. I shared the recipe here, and loved it!

Winter-Manifesto-RosesMichael is awesome, and has sent me the most amazing roses every month since March. These and the pink ones were my favourites!

Winter-Manifesto-New-ShoesI may not have managed to find the perfect winter jacket again this year, but I did managed to stock up on some fun colourful shoes to wear to work. These make me happy!

Winter-Manifesto-SconesI finally baked scones after promising Michael I would make them since last winter! They turned out awesome too… I’m not a fan of jam, but these were great with strawberry jam and cream!

Winter-Manifesto-Indoor-PalmI brought my first ever indoor plant at the end of June. It’s a parlour palm, and I quite love it! Considering I am a brown thumb usually, I am happy to say that it is still alive and still going well! Maybe I will be able to have a garden in the new place after all!

Winter-Manifesto-Dan-Brown-InfernoI love Dan Brown books. Ever since I read the Da Vinci Code years ago, I’ve been hooked, so naturally, when I saw his new book released, I was excited to read it! As always, this book was awesome! I shared a review of it here.

Winter-Manifesto-Embrace-Rainy-DaysEmbracing rainy days is always something I need to remember to do, since I walk to work and have to do so even if it’s wet. Last year I brought leopard print gumboots, which I love to wear so I can splash through puddles, and this year, I brought a rainbow umbrella to add to the fun (clearly I brought that after taking this picture!). Wet weather can be lots of fun!

Winter-Manifesto-Photography-ClassesOne of my aims this winter was to go to at least one photography class in the City. I made it to 2 of them instead… One for people and portrait photography, and one for macro photography. I’ve really enjoyed learning how to use my camera better and macro photography has now quickly become one of my favourite types of photography overall! I shared some macro photography tips here.

Winter-Manifesto-Poached-EggsBec taught me how to make poached eggs. It’s so easy, I can’t believer I’ve never learnt how to make them before! They make an awesome breakfast on toast with mashed avocado and a little cracked pepper, too!

You can see my first post about this album here, update number 1 here, and my Winter Manifesto from last year here.


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