Feeling: Full of the flu. Thankfully I have Codral Original to help me sleep

Waiting: For my Kelly stamps and Studio Calico December Daily kit to arrive

Loving: How sweet Michael is for sending me flowers at work to cheer me up when I get back tomorrow, since I still won’t be 100%

Watching: How I Met your Mother season 8. I feel like I’ve missed a season, but I still love this show!

Organising: The bookshelf in our lounge room that’s been annoying me for a while now

Eating: Leftover chicken laksa since nothing beats a sore throat like spicy, soupy food! It’s my favourite sore throat meal

Planning: On a craft room clean out and to spend some time working on finishing last year’s December Daily album

Cleaning: Out a heap of bookmarks on my computer. I don’t even know why I have some of it saved!

Enjoying: The nice weather we’ve been having lately. It’s nice to be able to spend time outside without freezing, and to be able to start our evening walks again, not that they’ve happened much the last week and a bit since Michael got sick, then I did

Wanting: A piece of dark chocolate. I love dark chocolate!




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