26 Projects – Anniversary Cards

Wow, turns out it’s been quite a while since I last posted a 26 Projects Post! Turns out with all the scrapbooking projects I have on, and all the photography trips I’ve been taking, crafting has been pushed aside a little. But I’m back today with a project that I actually completed over a year ago but could not share at the time.

Anniversary Cards3

When Bec and Zane got married, I made a card for each table at the reception so that the people sitting there could leave little notes to the bride and groom to be sent each year on their anniversary. Bec and Zane did not know about this at the time, and for the last year I have kept it secret from them. The intention with these cards is to mail one of the cards to them on their anniversary every year, full of loving messages from their guests.

Anniversary Cards Prep2

These cards are 6×6 inches in size, and made from the matching cardstock to what the wedding invitations were made from. Since I had to make 13 cards in total, I went through them assembly line style. I started by cutting everything to size (6×12 inches for the black pages, 5.75×5.75 for the blue pages, and 5.5×5.5 inches for the silver pages), then went back through and scored the black pages so they were folded in half. I also went through and hand cut the numbers in silver and blue (this step took forever!).

Anniversary Cards Prep3

Next up was gluing everything together… This was done by gluing the silver inserts to the blue inserts in one go, along with the silver numbers attached to the blue numbers, then gluing everything to the card itself. The numbers on the front are done with foam tape so that they are raised up a little.

Anniversary Cards Prep1

The last step was using the mini flowers and crystals embellish the numbers on the cards along with the inside of each. These also match the wedding stationary.

Anniversary Cards1

This was a really fun project to put together, but very time-consuming and quite expensive in the end since there are so many layers and the numbers were hand cut. I would definitely do something like this again as a nice wedding surprise, but next time, I think I would keep it more simple, possibly having letterpress cards made, or design and print the cards digitally.

Anniversary Cards2


This is project 22 of 26 in my attempt to make 26 crafty projects before turning 27 on 19th June, 2013. The 26 projects idea was inspired by Elise Blaha. While my 27th birthday has passed, I’m still working through the last 6 of these projects.

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4 thoughts on “26 Projects – Anniversary Cards

    • I’m waiting to hear that my sister and brother-in-law received the first one. When I first heard of this sort of idea, I thought it was the sweetest thing ever and I wanted to share that with others as well 🙂

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