I Choose – October

I Choose

I got through half of my September goals this month. I was hoping to get through more, but it ended up being such a blur of a month, that it was hard to keep up! What I did complete, though, included the intense goals of 4 photography classes in the City, taking 10,000 steps a day, daily documenting for Learn Something New Everyday, and Week in the Life. These have all kept me pretty busy, as did a couple of impromptu trips to the Coast to welcome Mum and Samantha back home.

This month I’m going to:

  • Catch up at least 6-8 Project Life layouts. I’ve completed the first 25 weeks fully, and it feels like I’m getting to the home stretch now, so it should be easier to get in and get it done!
  • Finish my Winter Manifesto album. Now that winter is over here, I want to get this one crossed off the list. If I really knuckle down, I’ll have it done in an evening or 2, and I’ll share my progress once it’s done
  • Meditate 3 times a week. Work has offered an 8 week mindfulness and meditation course, and I’m kind of excited to give this a try
  • Go on a picnic, now that the weather is so good. Picnic food is always fun, as well. Not sure yet if it will be at the beach or a park, or maybe even both!
  • Enjoy some meals out on the balcony, including my awesome salad sandwiches. It’s so nice to eat out there when the weather is nice
  • Go to the Wildlife Photography exhibition at the Australian Museum next weekend. I’m really looking forward to this… From what I’ve seen of the photos, they look amazing!
  • Tidy up the bookshelf near the printer. This is supposed to be for cookbooks and the likes, but had kind of become a bit of a dumping ground for any random books, papers and the likes
  • Put together my Week in the Life album, and buy an album for it. I’ll be sure to share an update here once I do, although it may take a while to get the pages back since I’ll be making them digitally and ordering them from Persnickety Prints once they’re done
  • Have another Thai food night. This time we might try a Thai dessert, and a few different dishes. We’ll be having the satay chicken again for sure though!
  • Go to a Psychic party. We will have our fortunes told, along with eating good food and drinking good wine!


My One Little Word for the year is Choose. Each month this year, I’m making a list of things I choose to do throughout the month. These will generally be fun things to prioritize, rather than a set to do list. You can see my “Choose” posts here. I have also made some “Choose” anklets, as a way to keep my word close to me each day, and you can see these here.

If you don’t know what One Little Word is, you can read more about it in this post from Ali Edwards. I will be undertaking Ali’s One Little Word class again this year, and creating an album about my word and the changes it’s manifesting in my life.


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