Learn Something New Every Day

This was the year I actually completed daily journalling for Shimelle’s Learn Something New Every Day class. Did I follow the prompts every day? Hell no! I got about as far as reading the first weeks worth of handouts and getting overwhelmed with them. Instead, I decided to be more aware of  my everyday life, and managed to pull a little lesson I learnt from each day.

I promised at the start of the month that I would share some of these lessons, so here goes!

Learn Something New Every Day

1st | Be patient with my sister-in-laws cats and they end up being very affectionate!

2nd | A good way to clean off my craft desk is to go searching for something on there. Good for my desk, but not so good for the floor!

3rd | It is possible for Mad Mex to kinda suck, and it’s surprisingly from too much cheese and chicken!

4th | That so far getting 10,000 steps a day is surprisingly easy, although walking can get boring and feel like a chore on occasion

5th | A good cry makes things seem so much less stressful and overwhelming!

Learn Something New Every Day 2

6th | Being stressed and upset is physically and mentally draining!

7th | Always make sure you meet Bec at the train station when going into the City… When I said meet at Circular Quay station, she got off at Wynyard and ended up in Darling Harbour!

8th | Don’t take the dogs on a picnic unless you know you can let them run around without them running off

9th | Organising photos from 3 cameras over the course of the day is rather time consuming!

10th | Some days, rest is much more important than getting to my steps goal for the day

Learn Something New Every Day 3

11th | If you keep your eyes open when your out on a walk, you see lots of awesome things. Today it has been plenty of cool flowers, police bikes, a friendly cat, cool fences, and lanterns

12th | Taking photos should be second nature by now, but I still struggle to take the camera out in public, and managed to forget to take photos of the train for a second time this week!

13th | I need to take Michael to a night photography class, because even he thought the light painting was mad fun!

14th | Photography classes are so much more fun when your not by yourself

15th | Segwaying is a lot of fun, but it’s harder than expected. Surprisingly, it gets your muscles working quite well!

Learn Something New Every Day 4

16th | I need to buy a little umbrella that I can keep in my work bag for unexpected weather changes. One that’s not broken like the current one

17th | The Game of Thrones times were brutal!

18th | I have the most awesome Mum! She is very laid back compared to most people I know her age, and even plays fun but possibly slightly inappropriate games with us girls

19th | Fire drills at work are a great way to get in lots of steps throughout the course of a day!

20th | If I’m getting a train somewhere after work, make sure I take a book as the wifi on my phone is too patchy

Learn Something New Every Day 5

21st |  I need to get to know my camera better, so I can change settings more quickly to keep up with moving subjects.

22nd | A big cooking day is fun for the first couple of hours, but becomes a bit of a chore after that. At least this will do us for lunches for quite awhile!

23rd | Write daily diary entries, or your forget what you did that day pretty quickly! And work on brain training to help with memory.

24th | Stick with it the habit of setting 3 tasks per day. It will become a habit, and it will get easier.

25th | Sometimes and early night is the best thing you can do. Embrace it!

Learn Something New Every Day 6

26th | Persevere with your PL pages and it does pay off with something you love. Even when it’s frustrating, just keep going!

27th | Don’t over think crafty time… If you do, you won’t get much done, but if you don’t, you can complete things much more quickly and will likely love the results!

28th | It really is easy to tell if a migraine is coming on and sleep really is the best way to get rid of it. Sleep and aspirin are all that seem to work.

29th | How happy I am looking in my clean bathroom cabinet… I really should have done this earlier since it didn’t take longer than half hour last night and makes me so much happier and calmer in the mornings!

30th | Lunchtime walks around the river are refreshing. And apparently sunbathing by the river in bikinis is acceptable even though you’d never swim in there!

Some of these lessons have photos, others do not. I’m ok with the mix of both. These will eventually be turned into a mini album or put into divided page protectors. I’m undecided which it will be at the moment, but will probably crank this project out over the course of an afternoon. I’m looking forward to it!


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