Around HereLoving… How much better I am getting with my camera!

Hoping… The week ahead will be a slow one. So far we have no plans, and I’m really hoping to keep it that way! I am wanting to spend a good amount of time working on my Week in the Life pages, some more Project Life spreads, and some more time on my Thailand photobook. I’m feeling inspired for memory keeping projects at the moment! And I think it’s time to start finishing some projects I’ve started (namely putting together my Winter Manifesto and finishing up a Date Night mini album at this point).

Cooking… Up a storm today. We’ve made a big lasagna (12 portions!), a chicken pasta bake (11 portions!) and chilli con carne meat (10 portions!). We’re well stocked up for lunches for the next few weeks! And the lasagna is one of the best I’ve ever made, too! We still have stuff to make stirfry, steak and mushroom pies, pizza and chicken sandwiches, too! It’s going to be a good food week!

Reading… A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book. This is amazing stuff! I’m 4 chapters in, and already have a growing list of ideas to try. So inspired! And yesterday I grabbed a little notebook to keep in my camera bag so I can start recording things I’m inspired to try photography wise

Feeling… A lot more recharged and prepared for the next week than I have for the last few weeks. Finally getting over feeling so rushed and exhausted after how full on Week in the Life week was!

Enjoying… Having a relaxing day at home with my favourite guy! We slept in, enjoyed our downtime, paid to get the car washed so we could have a day off, and cooked. We even enjoyed our first dinner of the season out on the balcony in the nice warm weather!

Planning… A craft weekend with Mum and the girls if they’re able to make it this weekend. I want to spend some time working on my One Little Word album and possibly start a Bali mini album since I have all the supplies ready to go

Thinking… I need to write a list. A nice long list of projects I want to focus my time and energy on over the next few months. Most of which I know will be a lot quicker than I expect and I could probably knock over in a day or so. Wanting to have check boxes so that I can cross them all off as I go!

Right now, life is pretty damn good! 🙂



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