Week in the Life – Sunday

Today was an awesome one! We had to get up nice and early so that we could head to Katoomba to take Dad segwaying, which was his father’s day present from us this year. Bec, Dad and Zane met us at our place at about 9.30am so that we could leave. We stopped at McDonalds on the way for coffees, and even I had a vanilla latte, which isn’t something I usually want overly often, but it was rather good anyway. I much rather the McCafe coffee over lots of other coffee places around, although today, their service was incredibly slow. We drunk our coffees on the drive down.

WITL Sunday 1WITL Sunday 2WITL Sunday 3

We left McDonalds with enough time to get us to the spot in Katoomba exactly on time! I was amazed at how well we timed it, actually! We parked and headed in for our first instructions on the segway. Bec, Dad and Zane had all been before a few years back, but neither me or Michael ever had, so it was rather interesting! Michael seemed to pick it up quite easily, and was zooming around before I even stepped on to mine. Me, on the other hand, wobbled like crazy when I first hopped on there… It feels really weird to be standing on something that only has 2 wheels to balance on! Once I gained my balance, it wasn’t too hard though.

WITL Sunday 4WITL Sunday 5WITL Sunday 6

To start with, we practiced a few laps in the carpark, where we went backwards and forwards and practiced turns and slowing down and stopping. It took me a little to get used to, especially turning, but the real fun wasn’t until we went up to an oval to and had our speed increased! We zoomed around a lot more, and when our instructor, Jake, was confident that we would all be ok, we went down through the bush. Here we wove around trees following paths, up and down hills, over some little ramp bits and just raced. By this stage, my body had started to relax, since my feet cramped up a little getting the hang of it. I even went over one of the ramps! None of us 5 managed to fall off, except I did jump off at one stage when I thought I was going to start rolling backwards down a hill! A few of the others in the group stacked it as well.

WITL Sunday 7WITL Sunday 16WITL Sunday 17

I have to say, this ended up being quite a lot of fun! I think the adventure segwaying was a good idea, and I’m pretty sure we’ll all be going back again! After we finished up, we headed back to the car, and on the way there, Dad found a cool looking cicada, and I decided that I would try to take a few macro shots of it, since it looked pretty cool. It was fun, but Michael, Bec and Zane all got a little impatient, so it didn’t last long!

WITL Sunday 8WITL Sunday 9WITL Sunday 10

We headed into the main street of Katoomba next, so that we could find a nice cafe for lunch. We had the intention to go to one of the first cafes we came to, which looked pretty cute inside but was packed, and decided that we’d keep walking to see if anything else struck our fancy. We ended up walking right to the other end of the street, stopping at a book shop that had some amazing books, at some amazing prices, and we all walked away with something except Michael. We also stopped at a newsagents so Bec could get some paintbrushes, and a clown shop that had lots of cool things like clown shoes, fire batons, unicycles, and even a penny farthing! We ended up settling on a pizza place there, where we had pizzas named after the surrounding areas (the Leura, the zig zag and the Wentworth Falls). They weren’t bad, but not as good as I expected, either. And the service was pretty bad there, too. Next time, I’ll vote we stick with our first choice!

WITL Sunday 11WITL Sunday 18WITL Sunday 21

While walking back, we stopped at a couple of antique stores, and I have to say there was very little cool stuff in them, especially for the price. One of them had a 3 gingerbread man display, one of which had no face, and it was $795! There was an awesome looking antique cash register in the other though. When we made it back to the car, it was about 5pm, so we headed to the Three Sisters to play around with landscape photography, and explore a little. We didn’t stay long though, since it was starting to get quite cold!

WITL Sunday 12WITL Sunday 13WITL Sunday 14

The drive home didn’t take us overly long, especially compared to last time. We made it in around an hour and a half. Bec, Dad and Zane all left straight after we arrived, and me and Michael came upstairs briefly to water my plants, and then headed down to wash the car, which we have to do every Sunday since it’s Michael’s work car. After the car was sorted, we came back up to have dinner, and relaxed on the computer for a little, watching an episode of Game of Thrones season 3, and I started making some photography cheat sheets that I plan on recording a basic example of settings to use for each different type of photography I learn. I’m using Becky Higgins 3×4 grid cards, along with washi tape and letter stamps so far. It was a relaxing end to a busy day! We headed to bed around 9.30pm.

WITL Sunday 15

Weather: Sunny but rather cool. It was the same temperature in Parramatta when we left this morning, as the highest temperature in Katoomba all day! And that was only 15 degrees!

Number of Steps: 11460

Number of Photos: Strangely enough, exactly the same as yesterday at 110!

Lesson for the day: Segwaying is a lot of fun, but harder than expected, and gets half of your muscles working well!


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