Week in the Life – Saturday

Today has been another photo sort of day! Bec stayed at our place last night so that we could head to the City for another photography class together. The class started at 9am, so it meant that we had to get up super early to leave and head in… In the end, we both got up at 6.30am, had showers and a quick breakfast, and left. Michael was still snoozing away when we snuck out, too! I drove us to the Albion, where I always park on photography class days where I make my own way in. From here, we walked to the station for the train.

WITL Saturday 1WITL Saturday 2WITL Saturday 3

When we went to buy tickets, Bec freaked out a little because she didn’t have her wallet. After a quick call to Michael, it turned out she left it with her other stuff at my place. I ended up getting our train tickets, and we hopped on the first train going to the City. As always, we change at Strathfield, and we still arrived at Wynyard a little early, so we had a second breakfast at McDonalds, which ended up meaning we arrived for class about 5 minutes late. Emma had already started the class, but it was still only at the very beginning, and we knew the stuff covered, so it was ok still.

WITL Saturday 4WITL Saturday 5

Today’s class was Love you Camera, Love your Photos, and although it seemed a bit basic to me after having done quite a few classes, I think it would make an amazing beginner class, and I really wish I had started out with this class. Even though it was basic though, I still learnt more about yet another setting I wasn’t overly sure about (metering modes), and it makes me happy to think about how many new settings I have figures out over the last few months! It irritates me a little though that we go to an absolute beginners class only to have at least 3 out of the 9 people there using pro level cameras. Some people have a little too much money! No way I would start out with a pro level camera if I had no idea what I was doing! The class was fun, and we messed around with landscape and people photos and it was a good general overview.

WITL Saturday 6WITL Saturday 7WITL Saturday 8

After the class, we headed to Artarmon to meet Zane for lunch, since he was our ride home for the day. We were going to head to the Japanese place we went to on Monday again, meeting Zane’s friend and his GF there, but although the signs said it was open when we arrived, it turned out to be wrong, so we went to a cafe in Gordon, where I had a chicken wrap. Afterwards, we headed for frozen yoghurt again, and this time I had peach, green apple and chocolate. The green apple had such an awesome tang! I hope to get this one again! It was nice to catch up with everyone for lunch.

WITL Saturday 9WITL Saturday 10WITL Saturday 11

When we made it back to the car to leave for the Coast, we came across the slight issue of a dead battery. Zane washed his car at work today, and one of the fans would not shut off after it, and drained the battery. Although I offered to help, Zane pushed the car most of the way to the shopping centre until we managed to get to an exit ramp for him to clutch start down, which ended up working nicely. It gave us a bit of a laugh on the ride home though. That and the fact that he only washed the car and managed to end up with bird poop on it while parked! We detoured via the fruit shop in Toukley so Bec could stock up on her detox supplies as well. When we got back to Bec and Zane’s, he had to pull the battery out so that he could disconnect the fan to stop it happening again.

WITL Saturday 12WITL Saturday 13

We headed to Bec’s so that we could see Mum for the afternoon. She was supposed to come around pretty early, but turns out she had fallen asleep and came around a lot later. In the meantime, we practiced taking photos of her cats and I tried to show her some macro photography stuff. It was a rather relaxing afternoon, although I was super tired! When Mum came around, we headed to McDonalds for coffees and chatted a bit more about her trip. It’s good to have her back again!

WITL Saturday 14WITL Saturday 15

I was dropped at the station after coffee, since I had everything with me anyway, and it turned out that there was track work, which meant buses all the way to Sydney! I got on a bus at 6.30pm, and started listening to the Paperclipping Round table and half dozed on the way back, knowing that it was 2 hours until I would get off the bus and change to a train again. I had to swap to the train at Chatswood, and luckily I started talking to a lovely lady from the area who could show me how to get to the station, otherwise I would have gotten lost! And when I went to go through the gate, my ticket wouldn’t work, and I was stuck waiting for a train guard to let me though. He took awhile though, since he was busy questioning some guy about jumping trains, and I almost missed my own. When I finally got through the gate, I started chatting to the lovely lady again, but she got off at St Leonards, long before I did! I finally arrived at Parramatta just before 9.30pm. It has to be one of the longest trips home from the Coast ever!

WITL Saturday 16WITL Saturday 17

Michael picked me up from the station, and it turned out that he was even awesome enough to have walked to pick up my car, so I didn’t have to worry about swapping over to get my car, either! I didn’t manage to stay up too long after I arrived home though… Only long enough to have some scrambled eggs on toast, tidy the kitchen and tidy the lounge room!

WITL Saturday 18WITL Saturday 19WITL Saturday 20

Weather: Sunny and warm

Number of Steps: 12649

Number of Photos: 110

Lesson for the day: Photography classes are so much more fun when you know other people there!


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