Week in the Life – Friday

Welcome to Freaky Friday the 13th! Today started out like most other work mornings. I woke up at the same time, made the bed, rushed through the shower and getting ready for work, and headed out the door. Since the weather has been so warm lately, I decided to wear some long shorts and a 3/4 sleeve shirt to work, although when I got outside, I noticed there was a chill in the air that hasn’t been there for a while.

WITL Friday 1WITL Friday 2

One the walk to work, I spent my time today listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable again, this time it was episode 173 (Pictures of their Disasters) and was all about organising craft spaces, which I found rather interesting. I also came across a random toy dog that was sitting on a brick wall at one of the sets of units near the river.

WITL Friday 3WITL Friday 4WITL Friday 5

Today at work, we were celebrating 20 years of the existence of direct banking, the department that I work within the bank. The celebration involved birthday cake, of course, but we were also given coffee mugs as well, which was a nice gesture! I had a burger and chips for lunch from Cafe 180, the place across from my work. It was an ok burger, but I should really know by now that the only good burger place in Parramatta is Grill’d!

WITL Friday 6WITL Friday 7WITL Friday 8

After work, I headed to the Westfield, where I wanted to stock up on supplies for our night painting experimentation tonight. Bec was supposed to be meeting me here, but she ended up leaving work late, so I stocked up on mini torches, sparklers and glow sticks on my own, and then had Michael pick me up. Shortly after we arrived home, Bec and her hubby showed up, and the 4 of us headed back into Parramatta to get Mad Mex for dinner. I’m still super hooked on their food! I love their grande wraps when I’m really hungry, or the chicken quesadillas when I’m not so hungry, which I had tonight. As always, being the slow eater that I am, I was the last one finished again!

WITL Friday 9WITL Friday 10WITL Friday 11

When we finished dinner, Bec and Zane decided frozen yogurt was a good idea, and since we’ve never been to any of the yogurt places around here (and there are now 3 that have popped up on Church Street in the last year or so!), we agreed to give it a try. We started out at Wowcow, which is opposite Mad Mex and had a guy dressed as a cow out the front, and upside down trees and cows hanging from the roof, but they didn’t have much variety there, and we couldn’t make our own at all, so we headed to another place just down the road. Again, they had very little variety, so we started walking back to the car, which was parked just near the 3rd place, Yogurtland. They had about 14 different varieties of yogurt, with lots of mix ins, and they gave us little cups to sample a handful each, before making our choices. I ended up with chocolate and peppermint hot cocoa, which I imagine being what a white Christmas would taste like. Random, huh? I had maltesers, cookie dough and oreos as mix ins, and it still cost me less than $4. Pretty sure that will become my regular dessert place while out in Parramatta now!

WITL Friday 12WITL Friday 13

When we had dessert, we hopped back in the car to go home, and Zane left to head back home, while Bec was staying at our place for the night. Since we have a photography class in the City at 9am tomorrow, it was easier for her to say and us to head in together, and we decided we’d experiment with some night photography again. We convinced Michael to come to one of the ovals near us, and we set up with both of our cameras, and had some awesome fun! We can now all spell out full words and sentences with only one or 2 attempts, played around with silhouettes (which I would like to try some more of), had some fun with sparklers, and found out glow sticks don’t work too well in the night photos as they really don’t put out enough light. It was awesome fun though, and even Michael enjoyed it! We left when it started to drizzle though, since we didn’t want to get either of our cameras destroyed. When we got back home though, we started up again, so Bec could send messages to her husband, and we could send messages to Mum. My remote works well for this, too… We could take our time and write the messages slower to make sure that we get all of the letters right, and could whole sentences by using bulb mode with the remote. This mode is awesome… When you’re in it and have the camera set it, you can press the shutter on the remote to start the exposure, and then again at the end of the exposure, to leave the camera open as long as you need to so you get the picture you want. So much fun!

WITL Friday 15WITL Friday 16WITL Friday 17WITL Friday 18

This worked out to be a good weekend for Bec to stay since our flatmate is away for around a month, and Bec was able to stay in the lounge room without being woken in the middle of the night! I can’t wait until we’re in the new place and can have a proper guest room, rather than having guests stay on the lounge here! It will be awesome!

Weather: Sunny but with a bit of a chill in the air

Number of Steps: 11682

Number of Photos: 99

Lesson for the day:  I need to take Michael to a night photography class, because even he thought the light painting was mad fun!


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