Week in the Life – Thursday

7.25am | Alarm one went off. I woke up, looked on instagram, decided I didn’t want to be awake and reset the alarm to 7.40am and rolled over to go back to sleep1213

7.40am | Alarm two went off. This time I knew I couldn’t roll back over so I got up, made the bed, arranged some clothes for work, brushed my teeth and rushed through a shower. Once I was out of the shower, I moisturised and got dressed, clipped on my pedometer and opened the blinds. I then headed out to grab a packet of oats to take to work for breakfast, and a bottle of water for the day, opened up the blinds in the lounge, then headed out the door for the walk to work.34

8.05am |The walk to work was pretty uneventful today. No real traffic, either, which was nice! I checked all my usual apps on the way (Instagram, Hootsuite, email and Facebook), before starting up one of the Paperclipping Roundtable podcasts, Booth Worthy.56

8.30am | My shift started. The work day was pretty normal… Not overly busy, with the team huddle and my coaching. I made my oats at the start of my shift, and spent the morning eating them between calls. I’m so over oats now that the weather is warming up! Since it was R U Ok? day, work had flavoured teas on offer, along with apples, and I tried a peppermint tea, which was good, chamomile, which was ok, and earl grey, which was horrible! For lunch, I had my break with my usual lunch buddies, and ended up getting a chicken teriyaki 6 inch on multigrain with old English cheese, lettuce, tomato, extra cucumber, capsicum, carrot, extra olives, sweet chilli sauce and a little pepper… Yum! I love all my extra salads on Subway!

4.15pm | Today is my second early day for the week, so I finished at this time. I walked to the train station at Parramatta, and hopped on the first train to head to the Coast so that we could visit Mum. It left at 4.36pm, and should have arrived at Mum’s at Wyong right on 6.30pm. That certainly didn’t happen! The first part of the train trip went well, then I changed at Strathfield, and the second part of the trip started off alright. I did feel pretty bad for one lady who got on the train with a walking stick, as there were no seats, but she refused to take my seat when I offered it to her. I sat on the train watching Project Life Lessons videos and reading the handouts, and just relaxing, although I wasn’t overly comfortable in the seat since the lady across from me kept whacking me with her knees. I hit Gosford station, only to find out there was a train broken down somewhere ahead of us, and that it was causing an 8 minute delay, which I didn’t think was too bad. I called Mum and Michael to let them both know, since Michael was meeting me at Warnervale station for pick up. We made the plans, then I went back to vegging out. I hit Wyong and they put an announcement over the loudspeaker that everyone had to get off the train and hop on another one, and that there was now a further half an hour delay! This was irritating, since they could have announced it earlier, so I could at least let Michael know, since he was already waiting for me at the station. I ended up getting off the train at Wyong, and walking to Dominoes so that I could pick up pizza to take around Mum’s (a BBQ chicken one, along with a deluxe supreme one, garlic break and coke). Michael drove out to get me while I waited for our dinner, and then we left with only one detour via Coles for milk and ice creams for dessert.789

7.26pm | We FINALLY arrived at Mum’s over half an hour later than expected! We were all hungry, so we started eating, and chatting pretty much straight away. Mum had a good time on her trip, but was tired and jet lagged from the long trip home and the fact that she went straight back to work today. She told us about her visit to the PA grand canyon, the petting zoo, the deers at Ken’s place and the progress they were making, shooting and moonshine drinking, visiting Canada and a town called Santa Claus and lots more. It sounded like a good trip away! After dinner, Mum gave me all the parcels that I had shipped to Ken… My 2 Seafoam Project Life binders with the Seafoam papers and dividers, a Simple Stories 6×8 album and divided page protectors, my Shabby Apple jewellery, although a pair of earrings and bracelet were missing from the order, and my Polaroid camera. I love how Photojojo package up their parcels, with my little stowaway-a-sauras! And my jeans had arrived, along with Michael’s pedometer, which was good.101112

9.32pm | We realised we better head home, otherwise we’d never make it back there! It was a pretty standard drive home, with minimal traffic, although there were 3 places along the freeway with roadworks going. It made the trip a fair bit longer, since it meant speed limits of 40kms per hour, compared to the usual 110kms per hour on the freeway. We didn’t make too bad time though, which was good. It took us about an hour and a half to get home, which is reasonably standard, and when we arrived, we brought everything upstairs, recorded out steps for the day, and went straight to bed!1415

Weather: Sunny but an awesome temperature
Number of Steps: 8518. I’m slightly dissappointed I didn’t get to target, but I wanted to see Mum more than I wanted to go for a walk tonight. We have made it on to the 3rd peak though, which is a good effort for our team!
Number of Photos: 38
Lesson for the day: Taking photos should be second nature by now, but I still struggle to take the camera out in public, and managed to forget to take photos of the train for a second time this week!


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