Week in the Life – Wednesday

Another day at work, but at least today I had a bit more pep in my step! I made it through my morning routine quickly and easily, and managed to get out the door reasonably on time. My intention was to have oats for breakfast once I arrived at work, but turns out when I first arrived, I wasn’t all that hungry compared to usual, so I decided to be lazy and not get up to start with.

WITL Wednesday 1WITL Wednesday 2WITL Wednesday 3

By the time I reached first break, I was starving and craving coffee, which was odd, since I don’t really drink coffee all that often, maybe once every 2-4 weeks? I decided on my break to go and get banana bread though, and headed to Dane’s for it. I was amazed that they were actually a lot quicker making it than usual, too, although they didn’t really toast the banana bread well. Good thing there are sandwich presses in the office and that they make great vanilla lattes! On my lunch break, it mostly overlapped with my usual lunch buddies, so I met them in the kitchen after heading downstairs to buy myself a chicken snitzel roll from the cafe next door to work. After all this time, I still have no idea what the place there is called, but I love their chicken snitzel rolls and their chicken burgers!

WITL Wednesday 4WITL Wednesday 5WITL Wednesday 6

Today was one of my early days. It meant that I got to leave work at 4.15pm, which was nice great on such a nice afternoon! I walked home, brought in and folded some washing (although I still haven’t put it away, or the 2 baskets that were already in the bedroom!) and loaded up the dishwasher and emptied the dish rack. I expected that Michael would get home at any point in time, but it turned out that he forgot his keys at work, and had to drive all the way back to get them! Since I had to head out, I didn’t end up seeing him before I left for the evening.

WITL Wednesday 7WITL Wednesday 8WITL Wednesday 9

I left home again at about 5.15pm, so that I could walk to the Kings School, for a Light the Night event to raise funds for Leukemia. I walked in, since I thought the school was a lot closer then it ended up being. I was expecting a fairly easy 20 minute walk, but it ended up being about 35 minutes, and part of it was uphill, another part was walking on the side of the road, where I managed to trip up and scratch my toe. It was a good night though. There was good music, even if lots of it was well before my time, and it was good to catch up with work people to support a worthwhile cause. The walk was an easy 2 laps around the oval, but it was great seeing so many lanterns on display! Gold for remembering someone lost to leukemia, white for someone suffering from leukemia, and blue for support. Quite magical! If you would like to donate to this event, you can donate here to support our team in raising $1000.

WITL Wednesday 10WITL Wednesday 11WITL Wednesday 12

The event was supposed to finish at 8pm, but ended up winding up around 7.30pm, so I called Michael to come pick me up a little early. Although it was a good night, it was also nice to get home a little earlier than expected. We ate cheesy rice for dinner, and watched the first episode of Game of Thrones season 3. I can’t wait to see what else happens in this season… I’ve been holding out for way too long! After the episode, I came online for a little, and headed to bed at about 10pm, although I couldn’t sleep and ended up staying up until about 11pm.

WITL Wednesday 13WITL Wednesday 14WITL Wednesday 15

And up update on our Steptember progress… We’re now on to the 3rd peak as a team, and had our first donation to our team today from one of the work girls, which was awesome! We’re now just over 10% of the way to our goal!

WITL Wednesday 16WITL Wednesday 17Light the Night


And some good news… Mum is back home after her 3 week trip in the USA! She arrived safe and sound this morning, and I had a chat to her on my lunch break today!

Weather: Sunny but an awesome temperature
Number of Steps: 15,176
Number of Photos: 49
Lesson for the day: If you keep your eyes open when your out on a walk, you see lots of awesome things. Today it has been plenty of cool flowers, police bikes, a friendly cat, cool fences, and lanterns 🙂


You can view all of my Week in the Life posts here. I have shared some tips and ideas here, as well.


4 thoughts on “Week in the Life – Wednesday

    • Hi Maria,
      I kept up with the photo taking and journalling, but wasn’t so good at the sharing this year! I will be catching up on my blog over the weekend, since there was so much on the last couple of weeks and it was a little overwhelming to keep up with it all!

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