Week in the Life – Tuesday

Today was spent feeling rather blah. I work up at the usual time for work of 7.25am, then reset the second alarm for 7.40am, since I did not want to wake up at all! I rushed through the shower and getting ready for work, and still managed to make it out the door on time, which was good! I walk to work each day, and it’s about 20 minutes each way. I quite enjoy it, especially when the weather is nice, although this morning was rather hot. On the way in to work, I grabbed Subway for breakfast, the usual of ham, egg, old english cheese, tomato, capsicum and olives.

WITL Tuesday 1WITL Tuesday 2WITL Tuesday 3WITL Tuesday 4

I started work at 8.30am, and it was a pretty standard work day. I work for a bank call centre, and they days are pretty routine… I take around 80 calls a day, and help with any enquiries that come through. Being a Tuesday, we have our 10 minute huddle, but no other meeting for the team. Lunch overlapped with one of my usual lunch buddies (the other had leave for the day), and we headed to Cafe 180, which is across the road from the office. They have an awesome deal on snitzel, chips and salad with mushroom sauce… $11.90 for one of the most massive and filling meals ever! I still miss my pub food like this… I used to have it all the time when I lived in Newcastle and ran poker! I finished work at 5.15pm, and walked home after.

WITL Tuesday 5WITL Tuesday 6WITL Tuesday 7WITL Tuesday 8

The walk home felt painfully slow today… I don’t know why, but it just dragged. I was going to extend the walk and try to walk a longer way home, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it… Like I said, I felt Blah! I ended up walking straight home, and when I got home, I spent some time online, and watched a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones. I’ve now finished watching season 2, and can’t believe how much it feels like I’ve missed in the last episode, yet I do remember parts of it, which is just weird. And I gave myself a foot spa while watching the episodes, something I haven’t done in a long time, and actually kind of miss! I just need to remember next time to make the water hotter!

WITL Tuesday 17WITL Tuesday 9WITL Tuesday 11WITL Tuesday 12

Michael ordered us pizza and spicy chicken kickers for dinner from Dominoes, and it arrived shortly after I got home. It was a nice gesture, as I was NOT in the mood to think about what to eat, or to throw anything together! And I was super glad when we went to bed early, since I was so tired. Because today was so blah, I barely walked anywhere near as many steps as usual, and took very few photos, but I’m ok with that, since I clearly needed rest!

WITL Tuesday 13WITL Tuesday 14WITL Tuesday 15WITL Tuesday 16

Today there were also bush fires through Western Sydney. From what I understand, they were quite bad, too. One of the girls even had to go home for the afternoon because it was so close to her house, so I wish all the best for anyone nearby to the fires, and hope the they remain safe.

Weather: Sunny… Hot in the morning, but with an awesome breeze in the evening!
Number of Steps: 7,991
Number of Photos: 34
Lesson for the day: Some days, rest is much more important than getting to my step goal for the day!


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