Week in the Life – Monday

Today was the first day of the Week in the Life, and it was anything but a typical Monday! I had the day off today as time in lieu just so that I could do a night photography class. It meant that I could sleep almost as late as I wanted, although I ended up waking up at 7.15am anyway… That’s even earlier than I wake up on work days! I watched Elise’s video for Project Life Lessons on my phone (which is still in week 1 and you can still register for here), and still struggled to want to get out of bed, so I rolled over and went back to sleep!

WITL Monday 1WITL Monday 2

The alarm went of at 9am, and I browsed online for a little. I like to do that on weekends… It’s so much nicer to wake up slowly than to have to get out of bed and start rushing! I checked my usual apps… Instagram, then Hootsuite, email, a few of my usual blogs, and Facebook, and then got up to get started for the day at about 9.30am.

WITL Monday 3

As is common with my morning routine, I brushed my teeth, had a shower and washed my hair, moisturised and got dressed for the day. Seeing as the weather is so nice at the moment, I wore shorts and a singlet. I have to say it’s already pretty warm for the start of spring… I have no doubt that it is going to be a very hot summer! I even tidied the room a little. My desk was especially starting to need it!

WITL Monday 4WITL Monday 5

When I came out of the room I made myself a tea and some slices of Vegemite toast. I tend to have this breakfast whenever I can’t be bothered making anything more elaborate. And the tea was to make the most of the fact that tea drinking weather is almost gone… I love it in autumn and winter, but not once the weather starts to warm us! While eating, I sat online for a bit, browsing and working on some blog posts.

WITL Monday 6WITL Monday 7

At about 10.30am, I heard from Emma, asking if me and Bec were still keen to do the night photography class tonight since we were the only people booked, and of course I was! She was even nice enough to agree to bring a tripod for Bec to use for class!

WITL Monday 8

At 11.45am, I left home to meet Bec at her work for lunch. It took me about 40 minutes to get there, and it was all older music playing on the radio… I was a little surprised when Spice Girls – Wannabe came on… I haven’t heard that song in forever! I can even say I still know pretty much every word to it, as well! We left her work and drove to a Japanese restaurant called Ikura, where they have bento boxes. I ordered a terriyaki chicken with a chilli mayo sauce. Turns out Bec started a detox smoothie diet and wasn’t eating though. We drove back to a park near her work to eat, and I have to say, the food was good and she did make a good recommendation! At the end of her break, she headed back to her work, and I headed to the stamping shop just nearby, since I don’t have a big enough acrylic block for some of my stamps. I got one for $13.50, which is cheaper than half the places I’ve seen, and I also got a white Colorbox ink to go with it, which I’m kind of excited to try on some photos.

WITL Monday 9WITL Monday 11

I arrived back home at about 2pm, and looked up train times and spent some more time working on blog posts. I also FINALLY remembered to switch out everything from my bag to one of my new ones, as well, since it was really starting to annoy me the fact that the zip was broken. I decided to photograph the stuff from my bag, too… It seems that the stuff I keep in my bag is still pretty similar to last year too… My phone, camera, papaw cream, keys and the case I keep my bank cards in. It’s kinda nice knowing I’ve had things pared down to the essentials!

WITL Monday 13WITL Monday 10

at about 2.45pm, I jumped through a quick shower, packed up the last of my camera gear and tripod, grabbed a jumper and headed out the door. It ended up being one of the best ideas ever to wear gym shorts and runners to class… Comfy, not too warm, but not to cold once it got dark, either!

WITL Monday 14

Today’s trip into the City involved leaving at about 3.20pm and walking into Parramatta Westfield so that I could grab a new screen protector for my phone since the current one bubbled. I had a good laugh when I got near the shopping centre and saw 2 police officers riding on police push bikes with police helmets. I’ve never seen police on push bikes before! I also headed to Gloria Jeans for a regular ice chocolate, and have to say, it was damn good! While sitting and drinking, I listened to part of an episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable, and looked through the Project Life Lessons forum. I hopped on the 4.20pm train to the City, switching at Central, and then hopped off at Circular Quay at just after 5pm.

WITL Monday 16WITL Monday 15

I wandered around for a little, trying to decide what I wanted to do for dinner, and finally decided on fish and chips, mostly because that was the only food shop I came to that cooked fresh food, rather than having it sitting around precooked. Apart from the restaurants, at least! It wasn’t too bad, but the seagulls drove me crazy trying to scavenge food! there was one bossy seagull with only one foot that kept chasing the others away though, which meant there was only one I had to really be careful of. Those things are bold and will steal food out of your hands if you aren’t aware!

WITL Monday 17WITL Monday 19

Bec missed her first train from work, and the second train ended up a little late, so I met her half way to Wynyard station on foot, since I didn’t want her getting lost in the City again like on the weekend. We only arrived a couple of minutes late for class, though.

WITL Monday 18

The class was seriously amazing! Bec seemed to enjoy it a lot more than the last one, because it went right through the basics, which was good! I’d have to say it’s a close call between night photography and macro photography though… Both were amazing! This class was about night landscapes, and I have to say that I’m rather happy with some of the photos I managed to get! We tried techniques like painting with light (and yes, I will be stocking up with glow sticks, sparklers and torches for the weekend so we can practice some more!), and long exposures (my best shot for the night was a 2 minute exposure!). I found out how to get the display screen working properly on my camera so I can take photos from the screen rather than just the viewfinder, too! Emma is the best photography teacher I’ve had! Side note – if anyone is ever after photography classes in Sydney, I recommend Remember Forever for lessons! They have a large variety of classes and topics that may be of interest. And yes, I know I suck spelling my name backwards with a torch! 🙂

WITL Monday 20

Class finished at 9pm, and we headed back to Wynyard station for the train ride home. I got in to Parramatta right on 10pm, and am so grateful that Michael was able to pick me up from there! We got back here shortly after, and I showed off some of my photos, which he seemed impressed by. I spent the evening uploading photos and writing while waiting for Bec to let me know she was home safe and sound, and then went to bed about 11.25pm.

Oh, and we found out today that we got approved for the first home buyers grant!! 🙂 🙂

Weather: Cloudy but nicely warm
Number of Steps: 14,370
Number of Photos: Exactly 100!
Lesson for the day: Night photography is awesome fun, but writing your name in lights is hard! Organising photos from 3 cameras over the course of the day is rather time consuming too!


You can view all of my Week in the Life posts here. I have shared some tips and ideas here, as well.


3 thoughts on “Week in the Life – Monday

  1. Wow, you can eath bento in Sydney! It looks just like the ones in Japan! I’m amazed.
    It’s cool that you can write your name with the light! How do you do that?

    • Hi Eri! Yeah, the place with the bento was somewhere near Pymble or Gordon… I’m not sure which suburb it comes under though. And with the writing with light, that was done with my DSLR set to ISO 100, f8 and shutter speed set to 30 seconds. I had the camera on the tripod, set a 2 second timer, and stood in front of it with a torch, and wrote by pointing the torch at the camera. The most confusing bit is that you have to write back to front, so I’m still yet to master it! It was great fun though! 🙂

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