Inspiration Files

Happy Monday everyone!

There has been lots of online time this month since I’ve felt a little run down and burnt out, so I’ve been finding lots of inspiration around the place. Some from my usual browsing, some from pinterest, and some from just random searches, so I decided a round-up of ideas is well overdue!

  • First up, Life on Lee Avenue shared an amazing week in the life post. I love the magazine style pages, and I feel inspired to finally get my week in the life in an album before it falls due again this year!
  • I’m still hooked on homemade pizza and the best pizza sauce we’ve come across so far is my sister’s pesto recipe, that she’s shared on her blog here, after me pestering her for it! This stuff is amazing on pizza, and I’m hoping to try it out shortly on some wraps too.
  • This post about a photographers perspective on pinterest was an interesting read. I can well understand how someone’s views on perfectly staged wedding photos can hamper your own creative style, but it was fun to read someone else’s view on the topic
  • I won a cute camera strap off Cathy Zielskie’s blog this last month, and now that it’s arrived, I’m wanting a cute camera bag to go with it. Well I’ve wanted one of those for a while, but now I’m really thinking about it! So far I’m considering this one and this one. Michael doesn’t think either one is my colour, but I’m hooked on both!
  • I’m doing 6 photography classes in the city over the next month or so, and I’m thinking after that, I’ll be keen to try shooting on Raw, and thought this self-paced class could be a little fun.
  • Mushrooms and red wine are 2 of my favourites, so when I saw this recipe for mushroom and red wine pasta, I thought I’ll have to give it a try since Michael is a pasta fan but I don’t like a lot of his favourite pasta dishes. Good thing he agrees this looks amazing!
  • This Stories of Home mini album. I’ve been thinking for a while of making a book to document the around here of this apartment, since we’ve lived here so long, and I can’t see us moving for a long time once we’re in the new place, and this seems like a perfect idea for it!
  • This cute little mini book that just looks plain fun to make!
  • This podcast of the Paperclipping Roundtable, all about Project Life. This brightened up my walk to and from work for a couple of days! So much fun
  • This book! I preordered it and can’t wait for it to arrive! I’m super excited, to say the least. I love the Beautiful Mess blog, and I’m sure any book written by these girls will be amazing!

I hope everyone is off to a good start to the week!


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