I Am…

I am

I am… A daughter, sister, girlfriend.

I am… Working in a job that doesn’t offer the level of creativity that I crave on a daily basis. A lot of the time I enjoy it though… I like helping people and teaching people, and can do both easily here, but sometimes I do feel like something is missing

I am… A learner. A class taker. A seeking of knowledge and information. I am booked to take photography classes and learn web design, and seek passions that are missing between the hours of 8am and 5pm

I am… A planner and a note taker. I love lists and have many going at any single point in time… To do lists, shopping lists, menu plans, project lists, travel lists… My lists keep me focused and on task most days.

I am… An organiser and decorator. I sort things, and make them look pretty. I enjoy clean, open spaces, and mostly empty surfaces. Too bad I’m not always tidy and don’t always put things in their organised spots!

I am… A lover of food. Everyone needs sustenance, so why not enjoy it? I eat good food, drink good drinks, and savour every moment of it. I can even make some it myself on occasion!

I am… A dreamer. I dream of many things… Travel to exotic places, new adventures, plenty of projects, future business ideas, fun things to try… It gives me things to aim for and goals to achieve

I am… A homebody. I may not have ever made this apartment my own, but I still feel at home here. I’d rather spend time here curled up under warm blankets, cuddling with my favourite guy, then just about anywhere else. This is my sanctuary.

I am… A reader. I love books and stories, and can become entranced for days. I also have the same love of a good TV series, the current one I’m watching being Revenge season 2, and on the rare occasion, movies.

I am… Up way past my bedtime, especially after how badly I sleep last night and how sore my shoulder is, so I bid you all goodnight! šŸ™‚



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