10 Things – Things I love to photograph

It may come as no surprise that I love taking photos. Considering almost every blog post I share has at least one photo, and I managed to complete some weekly Project Life spreads on occasion, I thought I’d go through some of my favourite things to photograph today.

  1. Food – My family teases me for it, and Michael tried to pick at my meals before I can grab photos of them, but this is one of my most photographed subjects. I love documenting a good meal! And when cooking at home, it gives me incentive to try and make it look good when I serve upFood
  2. Flowers – Well any plants really. There is something quite amazing about all things nature, and very little can beat cute little flowers as a subject! I’m quite excited for the fact that spring is in the air here in Australia!Plants
  3. Crafty Projects – I try to take before, after and during pictures when I start a new crafty project, but it doesn’t always happen. It’s fun to see how a project progresses though, and to document it. It’s one of those things that signifies that I’ve achieved something fun. I love seeing when other people share their crafty project photos too.Crafty Projects
  4. Drinks – Tea, cocktails, wine, whatever really. Especially his and hers variations. I even brought cute mugs because I like photographing my drinks. Well that, and the fact that I like bright coloured crockery!Drinks
  5. Animals – I miss having my own pets to photograph. Instead I settle on photographing everyone else’s pet and animals at wildlife reserves. I have to say that the animals at wildlife reserves tend to be a bit more willing then pets though… Every time I try to photography Mum’s cats I get evil eyes!Pets
  6. Travel Adventures – The sights and sounds of new places. People watching. New foods and adventures. I love all things travel, so it’s not surprising travel photography is on the list here!Travel Adventures
  7. Sunsets and Clouds – Watching the sky is fascinating. It’s ever changing. It can be bright and cheery or dark and miserable. And a good sunrise can be breathtaking. I just need to make more effort to see more sunrises as well.Sunsets
  8. Organising Projects – Before and after pictures are fun! It’s nice to be able to see how far you’ve gotten with something, and how much better it looksOrganising
  9. Around the house photos/decorating – I like these photos and to be honest, don’t always take them as much as I would like. Over the coming months though, I will be taking a lot of pictures from around the house though, so that I can make a mini album of this apartment before we move.Around the House
  10. Trying new things – Colour Run, sky diving, abseiling, skiing… Pretty much any new adventures that are out of the ordinary. These are the activities that make the best memories, and I like to have photos to go with the memories to help conjure up the details of things like how I felt at any point in time during the activity.Adventures

Now I just need to get better at including myself and other people in my pictures!


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