Sorting: Through paperwork… I’m mostly done with both mine and Michael’s after spending the week focusing on it. There is now a HUGE pile of scanning and shredding to do though!

Loving: How awesome washi tape is for making our filing look nice! The hanging files are much nicer taped with aqua and pink washi, compared to the white tabs they usually have!

Re-Organising: Our pantry and a shelf we have just outside our kitchen that is a storage area for kitchen stuff. It’s been bugging me for ages, but was done in a couple of hours. Next up is the bedroom cupboard!

Watching: Just finished watching all the Star Trek movies this evening, also finished watching Criminal Minds season 8, and watched the first Fast and the Furious movie tonight. Watching movies and episodes makes filing go much quicker!

Keeping: A to do list. For about a week and a half now. It’s now 2 pages long, but I’m slowly plugging away at it, crossing 1-2 items off each day. I usually have lots of lists, so it’s nice to have one spot for the to do list!

Enjoying: Having Michael back from Victoria. He’s been away for work all week. I usually enjoy the first 2-3 days he’s gone, then get bored and want him back home again! Took bad he’s sick at the moment!

Eating: Home made scones with jam and cream for lunch today (and have leftovers to make more tomorrow!) and pasta with ham, chicken and mushroom for dinner

Hoping: To get a new mouse tomorrow, because the one I have keeps dropping out if you bump the cable at all, which is a little frustrating when it’s for a laptop and gets moved around all the time

Needing: To finish washing the dishes! There seems to have been an endless amount that I’ve used today!

Planning: To learn more about superannuation. I’m clueless about it, and have it all set to defaults, but after looking through all our paperwork tonight, I have lots of questions for the accountant when we get there!

Creating: A nice, colourful budget for me and Michael. It’s the most detailed one we’ve ever had, and I’ve been inspired by seeing how much we can potentially save off our home loan if we pay a little extra each week, so it’s been a fun challenge!

Buying: Some new digi supplies from Designer Digitals this weekend while they have 30% this weekend. I’ve been wanting a few different things for my Project Life pages

Feeling: Relaxed and content šŸ™‚


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