26 Projects – Cushion Cover


I went to Spotlight last week looking for a bright yellow fabric to make a cushion cover out of. I looked around most of the racks, and couldn’t find something I was in love with until I found this super soft minky fabric with yellow and white chevrons. At least I think that’s what it is. But what’s not to love with the colour, softness and the pattern all in one?!


I’ve spent the last 2 days making this cushions, following similar steps to the last one I made, only I didn’t add a corded border, and this is made from one piece of fabric, not the 3 I used last time. I started out sewing fabric off-cuts at each end of the zip, then stitched the zip in place in the fabric. Next up I folded the fabric in half right side in, and pinned it so the zip was in the middle, and stitched the top and bottom closed. Just remember to make sure you undo the zip before pinning in place and closing it all off, since it’s hard to undo the zip from the wrong side, as I found out tonight!

2This is all sewn by hand. I suck with the sewing machine and manage to repeatedly snap needles. I really need to work that thing out, since it would make things like cushion covers much easier to make, that’s for sure! I should start by downloading an instruction manual for my thing, since it’s super old and I don’t have one anymore. If anyone has any pointers on starting out with a sewing machine, let me know!


I love how this one turned out! It’s such a happy colour, and is oh-so-soft! I realised I stitched it a little big for my cushion though, so I think I’ll replace the cushion with a slightly larger one next time I’m back at Spotlight. This plan also gives me an excuse to come up with another cushion cover idea, too!



This is project 21 of 26 in my attempt to make 26 crafty projects before turning 27 on 19th June, 2013. The 26 projects idea was inspired by Elise Blaha. While my 27th birthday has passed, I’m still working through the last 6 of these projects.

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