Happy Anniversary, Babe!

Dear Michael,

Tomorrow is our 4 year anniversary, and I want you to know that I love you more now than ever before. I hasn’t always been the smoothest ride, but we’ve always come out stronger at the other end. Especially with all the house dramas we’ve been through!


4 years ago when Jason introduced us and we first started hanging out, I never would have imagined that we would be where we are today. I was adamant I was moving to London and did not want a relationship. And you were the shy guy who listened to me ramble on the phone during my long drives to and from work, but was oh-so-secretive. But you were great fun to hang out with, and eventually I was able to get you to open up and talk back to me.

2010 2You used to be super romantic, and silly me teased you for all the “mushy” stuff you used to say. I never expected that it would stop, and that I would actually kinda miss it! I’m glad you’ve started it again on occasion, although I’m certainly not going to tease you this time around! I was determined not to be the first one to say “I love you” all those years ago, because I was so in denial about the fact that you had turned into the boyfriend I was certain I didn’t want and I knew that it meant I would be saying goodbye to moving to London. But it was definitely what I felt, and I was certain you felt the same way too, and were holding off because you thought I was going to up and leave you. I could never have left you by then though, you are stuck with me! 😉

I still can’t believe that I invited you to Europe with me when we’d only been dating for a few months. The way I saw it, we got along well, had fun together and I couldn’t see that changing, so I figured, why not ask? By the time we left, we were even talking about moving in together when we got back… If we didn’t kill each other being together non-stop for 2 months while travelling with no way to get away from each other, I figured it would be a safe bet that we’d be ok living together!


I’m so glad you agreed to come along on the trip, and that we got to spend out first anniversary together in Rome. I miss the places we went on that trip, especially France, Italy and Switzerland. I’m so glad I got to spend that time with you, and I can’t wait to us to eventually get back there together. Only this time, no tours, and we’ll do it at our own pace. 2 days in places is definitely not enough!

2012I’m a little sad that we’re not going away this year for our anniversary since we’ve always managed to have a trip away when our anniversary rolls around. We’ve managed to not only be in Rome, but to hot air balloon and explore Canberra as well. I know it doesn’t matter as long as I can spend the time with you, but it’s still a little bit of a letdown for both of us to be working! Next year for our 5 year anniversary, I’m thinking Japan… What do you say?


I hope you always remember that I love you, Babe! Whether things are smooth sailing or rough waters, you’re stuck with me! I’m so crazy about you, and I hope we have many, many more amazing years together. Happy 4th anniversary, Babe!

Love always,


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