Winter Manifesto Update Numero Uno

Winter ManifestoI’m still not a fan of winter, but so far, this winter is turning out pretty good! I’ve been making progress on my Winter Manifesto items, having completed 6 already, started working on a few others, and adding another 9 or so to my list that I’m going to include with my album. I’ve even started making some of the pages!


I’m going to share my album updates in stages of 5 pages at a time. This is manageable for me to work on, along with not costing me a fortune to print in one hit. I’m also looking for a new 6×6 album, hopefully ring bound, since I see this project growing even more! Without further delay, here is the digital version of the first 6 pages!


Me, Michael, Mum and my sister’s went skydiving at the start of June. I’m scared of heights, but this surprisingly didn’t scare me all that much! It was an awesome day out in the Hunter Valley, even though the weather was rather grey. You can read more about it here.

AbseilingMe, Michael, Bec and Zane also went abseiling in June. I have to say, this was even scarier than skydiving! But I did it, even the last 30m drop, that heaps of people bailed on! I’m proud of myself for this, but I’d still sooner jump out of a plane again! You can read about our abseiling adventure here.

Vivid-SydneyVivid Sydney was a winter light set up around Sydney, and it was amazing! So many bright lights, doing all sorts of unique things! I definitely want to do this again next year! Michael has said he’s sending me on my own to take photos first though, and then we’ll come out together! I posted about Vivid Sydney here.

Pumpkin-SoupI’ve also made my tried and true pumpkin soup with a twist. I had a sore throat, and was craving something soupy but spicy, so I made spicy pumpkin soup. It was similar to my recipe here, but with dried chilli and coriander added. I like how it turned out, but Michael didn’t like it as much. He thinks it’s too spicy.

Snow-Time-in-the-GardensSo far this month, me, Michael, Mum, Bec and Zane have had another trip to the Hunter Valley, this time accompanied by Nan, my Auntie Katrina, and my cousins, Emma and Mitchell. We headed to Snow Time in the Gardens, in the Hunter Valley Gardens, and all had a blast! We made snowmen, had snowball fights, went tubing, and ice skated. I’ll likely share more of the photos here shortly.

I’m loving how this album is coming together! It’s fun to gather together a collection of winter photos and events in the one place! I so should have made an album last year, but then again, I didn’t do too well with the follow through at that point!

You can see my first post about this album here, and my Winter Manifesto from last year here.


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