Last month, we spent a day abseiling and I never got around to sharing. Michael and I headed out to the Blue Mountains, where we caught up with Bec and Zane for the day, and started out adventure!123

There were about 20 of us in the group, and we drove out to where the place where we were to abseil. We started off on a 5m abseil, as a practice run and to learn the technique, before moving on to the next 17m drop, and the final 30m drop, and we each got to have 2 practice runs, and 2 goes on the second drop as well. 456

Even Bec and Michael were hesitant on the last drop, so I was terrified! But I did it, with lots of encouragement from Michael, Bec and our tour guides! I was the most scared out of everyone, and yet I still managed the last drop, when about half the group wouldn’t even attempt it! Apparently they all cheered when I went over the edge of the last drop, although I was too terrified to have heard anything! About 5m’s down, the cliff gave way to openness and we had to lower ourselves past it. I was fine at that part, until I spun around and saw how far away everything was! I screamed louder than I ever have before!7811

For someone scared of heights, it felt extremely wrong to be walking backwards over a cliff with only a rope to hold me! I have to say, I’d sooner jump out of a plane again then abseil… It happens so quickly and you have someone pushing you out that you don’t really think about it, whereas there is plenty of time to psych yourself out with abseiling! And the hike up was just as bad, if not worse… There was a path, but it was all loose rocks and bushes and the likes… If you slipped, you could slide quite a lot!91012

After abseiling, we headed for lunch together, and explored Katoomba for the afternoon, also checking out an art and craft market, and then Michael and I headed home and Bec and Zane stayed for the night. The sunset was amazing!131415

I’m so glad that we did this. As scared as I was, I sure had a lot of adrenalin going when we made it to the end! I’m super proud of myself for making the last drop, and Michael was proud of me too.


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