10 Things July – Random Thoughs

10 Things

Lots has been going on this month, so today’s 10 Things on the 10th is just a round-up of random thoughts on my mind lately.

  1. I have been loving the warmer weather and sun the last week and a half, after how miserable and wet the week before was. I’m also loving the fact that the days are getting longer again… I can now sometimes catch glimpses on sunsets as I walk home, which is a nice change from being pitch black!
  2. My sore throat and ear infection both seem to be clearing up, after 3 weeks of frustration with them. This makes me quite happy, to say the least!
  3. While I hate going through paperwork and find it tedious, I’ve been going through Michael’s old paperwork from pre-Jess times so we can scan and get rid of some of the unnecessary stuff and file the stuff we need to keep properly, and there is some awesome stuff there to say the least! Things like awards, old photos and cards, receipts, etc. I even found a handwritten note he wrote to his Mum back in 1998 asking her to drop him at school for his exam… It’s awesome! On a side note, his writing used to be so much neater!
  4. I’m actually thinking of working on PL in paper form next year… Gasp!! While I love doing the pages digitally, I think it will be an interesting challenge, but I’m undecided for sure. I should probably focus on playing catch ups, first before I think about next year though!
  5. I started my with 54 unread emails in my inbox today when I loaded it. I love having a nice clean inbox, but haven’t checked it in 3 days, so it’s built up. This is just my emails at home, too… I have way more at work, which are organised just as badly! lol
  6. I have spent plenty of time this week making list, and lots of them… Blog post ideas, recipes to try, notes for PL and things I need to get together for each spread, to do lists, to print at work lists, to buy lists, things for the new house lists… It’s never-ending! And I’ve promptly managed to lose half of them! Woops!
  7. I actually kinda like Star Trek. After avoiding it for 27 years, we’ve been watching through the movies over the last few weeks. So far we have watched 6 out of 12 movies. I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to see them, and finally understand half the obscure references in Big Bang Theory!
  8. I have kept my plant alive for almost 2 weeks not. I’m surprised! Mum and Michael laugh at me because I check it each day to see if I need to water it still! I have a brown thumb, but I seem to be learning! I’m debating whether to transplant it into it’s bigger pot or not… I’ve read not to do it too soon, but Mum thinks it’s ok, and she grows plants fine
  9. I’m happy to have a night off cooking dinner tonight. I’ve really enjoyed cooking lately and the food we’ve been eating… Usually I find cooking much more of a chore, but Michael wants to have a turn and thinks I’ve been a bit of a kitchen hog, so who am I to say no?!?
  10. Our house plans are finally in for council checks! If all goes well, we get to start building sometime in the next 2 months! I’m super excited! And we’re starting to get notifications about neighbours developing, which is kind of cool seeing all their house plans!

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