Thoughts on my One Little Word – Choose


Since the start of January, I have been working towards inviting the word CHOOSE into my life as my One Little Word for the year. I’d heard about this concept for a few years ago, and dove in last year, where I had the word ACHIEVE, and completed Ali Edwards class to create an album focusing on my word.

My word came about when I read on a blog at the end of last year that instead of saying “I don’t have time” for something, you should try rephrasing it to “this is not a priority for me right now”, and I couldn’t get it out of my head. The more I thought about it, the more it bothered me. Instead of saying I don’t have time to exercise or hang out with Michael or visit friends or make things, I realised that instead they just weren’t a priority, which really got me thinking about where I’m choosing to spend my time, and then my word kind of just clicked in place.

This year, I’m still enrolled in the Ali’s class, but have been less focused on following Ali’s prompt to make an album. I’ll likely go back and complete this at some stage, but for now, I’ve been enjoying just living with my word. Each month, for my first post of the month, I’ve been creating a list of 10 items that I choose to do during the month. For the first couple of months, I started mixing in to do list items and less fun items, but it felt like a chore and I wasn’t following through. For the last 4 months of so, though, I seem to be finding my groove with these lists. They are now more intentions of fun things that I want to invite into my life, and it helps me to be able to follow through and get things done.

I don’t complete everything off this list each month. I think the closest I’ve come is 9 out of the 10 items, and I’m ok with that. This list is more of a guide to remind me to waste less time and focus more on relationships that matter to me, creative time, reading, eating good food, and all round just having more fun and focusing on what’s actually important to me. I’ve also been focusing more on my reactions to things as well, and I’ve noticed I overreact a lot less, and I’m overall a lot more calm. As a side bonus, my blood pressure has gone down, and that’s in the middle of going through a million and one house issues with building, too!

So far, I love where this word is leading me. I love that I get more done because I’m not wasting time and procrastinating. I spend more time on the things I love and with people I love. I’ve chosen to embrace winter, which is my least favourite time of the year, and I’m working harder at documenting how amazing my little corner of the world truly is. It’s been a good 6 months so far, and I’m looking forward to the next 6 months being even better!


My One Little Word for the year is Choose. Each month this year, I’m making a list of things I choose to do throughout the month. These will generally be fun things to prioritize, rather than a set to do list. You can see my “Choose” posts here. I have also made some “Choose” anklets, as a way to keep my word close to me each day, and you can see these here.

If you don’t know what One Little Word is, you can read more about it in this post from Ali Edwards. I will be undertaking Ali’s One Little Word class again this year, and creating an album about my word and the changes it’s manifesting in my life.



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