Happy Birthday, Mummy!


To the Best Mummy in the World,

I hope you have had an amazing birthday today! You certainly deserve one after being such an amazing Mum for all these years! Us girls have all made it to where we are after having to you there to guide and support us whenever we have needed you.

You are such an amazing woman, as well, outside being our Mum. You are caring and beautiful, and do what you can to help the people around you whenever possible. You’ve taught us compassion and understanding, which has made us all better people. And you’re love of crafting and reading definitely rubbed off on me, even though you don’t really do either one that often anymore.

Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me and the girls over time. I know it hasn’t all been easy, and that we can be a bit of a handful every so often, but you’ve done it well! I know spoiling you for one day only doesn’t add up to the years you’ve spent looking after us, but I hope you feel at least a little spoilt today! It kinda sucks having given you your present early though since there’s nothing to give you today, but I hope you like the housework elves we released for you!

Thank you for being the most amazing Mum around! Happy 28th birthday again! 😉

Love you always,


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mummy!

  1. Awe thanks Jess, that is so sweet. You and your sisters are my reason for getting up each day. You girls have made me the person I am today. I try to teach you girls by doing not just saying, by giving not just taking and you girls have all turned out to be incredible adults. Thanks for a great day. Love you xxx
    Ps. The housework elves can come visit it any time

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