Enjoying: Working my way through a web design class called HTML and CSS from Scratch. It’s awesome fun and I like learning new things
Looking: Forward to spending some time working on Project Life over the weekend!
Feeling: Happy. I haven’t done anything notable tonight, but I feel caught up and ahead of the game tonight somehow. Much better than the irritated feeling earlier while trying to get pizza for dinner!
Loving: All the awesome meals this week… Baked dinner last night, spiced pumpkin soup and more. Such a good food week!
Hoping: To have a quiet day at work tomorrow so that I can go through some class notes that I want to reread
Wanting: A drink of ice cold milk
Planning: A birthday present for Dad’s birthday in just over a week. Purchased it tonight, and I’m sure he’ll like it!
Needing: To take more photos! It’s been too dark to take many by the time I finish work for the day, so I have very few photos this month… I need to take more of my PL pages will be bare!
Waiting: To finish work on Friday, knowing that this weekend will be reasonably low key
Working: On my knitted blanket and now, a matching knitted cushion. Still have a long way to go for both, but still enjoying the process!
Wishing: I have 2 spare Project Life mini albums for me and Mum to work on over the weekend, since it was fun working on a mini album with her last weekend!


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