Vivid Sydney

Earlier in the month, Michael and I headed into Sydney so that we could enjoy a night out at the light festival, Vivid Sydney. We ended up heading in on the last day it was there, and were lucky to make it in since it rained all day, but stopped about an hour before we headed out.


We started our night in Darling Harbour, where we had dinner at Hurricane’s, which seriously has the most amazing steak! It would want to since it’s usually an hour or more wait there! We then watched the music and Vivid Aquatique show, which was basically water fountains and lights playing to music. It was kinda cool, but not as awesome as what I expected.


After the show, we headed back to Circular Quay to see what was on offer there, and I was really wowed by the Museum of Contemporary Arts and the Opera House! The whole front of both buildings was lit up with a lighting show, where it would give the illusion of things like the building melting away, falling down, or being filled with liquid! We walked from the Museum to the Harbour Bridge and back when the fog started to roll in, since it obscured the lights shining on the Opera House. Surprisingly, the Harbour Bridge had very little there… I’m wondering if it’s display was turned off for the night, since they were meant to have stuff.


We both agree that next year, we will go in on an earlier day so that if we like it, we can head back in for a second night, since there was so much more to see and do! We’d also spend less time in Darling Harbour and more time in Circular Quay. Michael mentioned that next time, he’ll send me in by myself first, so that I can take lots of pictures, then he’d come in another night and ban me from using the camera. There is so much happening and so much to take photos of there!



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