27 Recipes @ 27


I’ve been thinking for a couple of months now about what new project I want to take on once I finished my 26 craft projects at 26. I came up with my idea pretty early one, and have decided that I’d make 27 the year I work on finding lots of good food ideas.

I love food. And lots of different types of food at that! I have noticed that I’ve gotten bored with some of the meals we eat regularly though, and I want to spice things up by trying some new recipes. I plan on trying a variety of recipes, from different cuisines, to main meal ideas, snack ideas and of course, the amazing-but-bad-for-you recipes!

I’m going to aim for 27 different recipes by the time I turn 28 on the 19th June, 2014. My only criteria is that they have to be recipes that I haven’t cooked before (at least haven’t cooked on my own outside of food tech in school). Some will probably be quick and easy, some will be more time-consuming. I’ll share the recipes here, along with my thoughts on them and any changes I’d make. If Michael gives and feedback, I’ll also share that for a different perspective.

I have a few different ideas already, and I’m sure Michael will tune in and choose a heap too, and for times when I struggle for ideas, I have plenty of cookbooks and an active Pinterest account for assistance, so I’m well prepared, and I look forward to eating plenty of good food in the year ahead!


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