Farewell, Samantha!

Samantha, I can’t believe you’re in New York City!! And even more so, that you made it there by yourself with no problems! I take it you remembered what nationality you were as you went through customs this time!
It seems like only yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital… Now you’re all grown up and leaving home for the first time! Well technically while you’re there, you’re still a kid… Can’t make you feel too old all at once now, can we? ๐Ÿ˜‰
I still can’t believe that you were more scared at travelling over there to work than you were jumping out of a plane last weekend! I hope things are a little less scary for you now that you’ve arrived at your hostel. I’m sure you’ve started making friends already, since you’ll need a new partner-in-crime to replace Bec for the next 3 months!
I hope you have an amazing time and meet lots of amazing new people. Remember to take lots of photos (we’re all counting on pictures of people from Wal-Mart!) and make lots of awesome memories! Like Bec mentioned, if you think something will be epic fun, but you know you should do it, do it anyway, and make sure I’m there when you tell Mum that Bec told you to do it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And don’t forget, we’re all back at home insanely jealous that you’ve set out on this awesome adventure, so make sure you keep in touch and tell us the amazing things you’re up to! All the best on your trip, and have an awesome time!

Love Jess

P.S. Now that you’ve left, Bec will be replacing you as Mum’s favourite… lol


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