Skydiving Fun

On Saturday, me, Michael, Mum and the girls, and my brother-in-law headed into the Hunter Valley, where I confronted my fear of heights good and proper by jumping out of a plane. A fully functioning plane. For no reason other than I wanted to try it!


There were delays in the morning where the weather wasn’t all that good and we weren’t sure that we were going to get to go up. We headed to Peterson’s Champagne house to eat chocolate and sample a few wines while we waited, because what better way is there to fill in time when you’re delayed by 2 hours and surrounded by vineyards?!? The Hunter Valley is known for its wines here in Australia, and they have lots of boutique shops filled with goodies like amazing chocolates.


We headed back at 11.30am, and when we arrived, there was still a fair bit of waiting around, but we finally started to get geared up about 2pm. There were 5 of us jumping, and Mum, Bec and Samantha were in the first flight, then me and Michael were round 2. Zane was our photographer for the day, since he didn’t want to jump at the time we booked.



Amazingly, I didn’t really get scared until we got up in the air and the door was opened for the first time. There were a few guys jumping by themselves before we went, and it was a little scary seeing them hang out the side of the plane and just let go, that’s for sure! But by the time we got up there, there was no turning back… We weren’t given a second to doubt it since it all went so fast!


To decide who went first out of me and Michael, we played scissors, paper, rock. I won, meaning I was first out. One minute we’re sitting in the plane, next minute I’m sitting at the edge looking out over nothingness. I don’t know that I’ve ever screamed as hard as when we first come out of the plane!! It’s was scary and exhilarating and I didn’t know whether to look or close my eyes tight!


During the free fall bit, all I could really think was “Oh sh*t, oh sh*t, oh sh*t!”. I didn’t scream or curse much after that initial drop though. Once the parachute was up, it was smooth sailing… I have no idea why heights don’t bother me as much when I’m strapped to a parachute, but they just don’t seem to. I even had a chance to steer the parachute!


We all landed safely, although one of the random guys that went up with us broke his leg, since he tried to land standing up. We were warned to land on our butts! I’m glad that this happened after we went though… It would have been quite unnerving if it happened before we did!


Overall, it was an amazing day, and I’d happily go again! We went with Skydive the Hunter Valley, and the guys there were amazing! My instructor was Adam (he also took Bec up the flight before, and Mum and Michael both had Bryan. I’m not sure of the guy that took Samantha up, but he was a trainee and still did awesome. If anyone wants to go skydiving around NSW, I highly recommend making the trek out to here!



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