26 Projects – Winter Manifesto 2013

Winter Manifesto

I’m not a big fan of the winter. I certainly can’t stand the cold, that’s for sure! But last year, I decided to embrace this time of the year when I started seeing all the Summer Manifesto’s popping up around the place. I figure here in Australia, we’re a long way off it being summer, so I’d celebrate the now instead! And last year was a lot of fun, so clearly, this works! You can see last years manifesto here.

Winter Manifesto2

My list this year has 18 items. They include crafty items, trying new foods, cozy nights in, and getting out and about. All of it is the fun stuff… Awesome things to celebrate at a time of year I don’t always enjoy.

Winter Manifesto3

This year, I wanted to do more with my list than just write it and act on a few of the items. I wanted something physical I could leave out as a reminder and add to throughout the season, so I decided I’d make a mini album. I purchased a 6×6 album from Kmart (only $4!) but sadly could get anything in blue, white or silver, so brown it is.


My plan is to fill a double page spread for each item off my list. This double page spread will have one side as a 6×6 photo or photo collage, and the other side will be a 6×6 journalling spot, to match the completed pages below.


So far I have my title page done, and my list pages. As the next 3 months progress and I manage to complete these items, I’ll print the photos and a typed journalling page (the template is already made) to add to this album.


I’ve made this process easy… I’m going to stick to the same layout for the pages and the same colours and fonts for text. That means it will take me a couple of minutes each time I finish an activity to type my journalling, save my page, and resize my photo or make a photo collage.


I’ll update here for a lot of the items as they happen, and I’ll be back here in around 3 months to share my completed album!

**Edit: You can see update one here**


This is project 19 of 26 in my attempt to make 26 crafty projects before turning 27 on 19th June, 2013. The 26 projects idea was inspired by Elise Blaha

See project 1234567891011121314151617 & 18 or all projects on Pinterest


2 thoughts on “26 Projects – Winter Manifesto 2013

    • Thank you, Taniesa! I thought it would be a little different to do a Winter Manifesto since I see so many summer ones and I don’t like the idea of waiting 6 months to do one 🙂

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