My Top 5

I’m joining Leigh over at sixbythebay in My Top 5 this week and sharing 5 things I’m going to do this month to pamper myself. I don’t always do things to pamper myself, so I’ve decided that I’m going to make it a priority to do at least 5 things each month just for me.

I started this last month, and I managed 3 out of the 5, which isn’t bad for me, since I’m usually pretty terrible at pampering myself. This month I will:

  1. Eat good meals each night. Experiment with some of our favourites
  2. Knit some more of my blanket while relaxing with a few good episodes
  3. Send letters to each of my pen pals
  4. Continue with my routine of making the bed each day and tidying the bedroom each night before bed. I feel much more calm when the bedroom is tidy!
  5. Work on a mini album project. Sorry, I can’t give details just yet though.

These are all just for relaxation, and I will share around the middle of the month each month. I figure everyone needs some downtime, and this way, I’m at least being more aware of it!


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