What's on my

Enjoying: Spending time each day doing something creative… Knitting, doodling, Project Life spreads, working on a photo book and much more
Looking: At ideas for some other crafty projects. As always, I have a nice long list of things I want to make!
Feeling: Tired. I’m over being sick, but still have a bit of a cough and the sniffles so I’m still feeling a bit run down
Reading: The first week of lessons for Finding your Photo Style. Week one is by Maggie Holmes… I love her bright colourful photos!!
Loving: Doodling. I haven’t done this much of it for years! I’ve spent the last few nights working on one to frame
Hoping: To get my car registered over the weekend without having to pay a fortune to get anything fixed, like I did last year with 3 new tires!
Wanting: Michael to not be going away next week for work
Planning: Our tile choices for the new house. I have the appointment on Tuesday, and to date, we’ve only chosen floor tiles for throughout, and still need to choose wall tiles and feature tiles for everywhere
Needing: To wear at least one extra layer of clothes each day now that the temperature has dropped so much here. Also needing to get out my winter jackets
Waiting: On 3 parcels to arrived at Mum’s place… My Elise Blaha stamps, a Two Peas purchase, and my Project Life binders. Also looking at ordering a 3Annies camera bag for my birthday next month
Working: On taking more photos with my phone… This is the second month of taking a photo a day on my phone, and it’s been fun so far!
Wishing: I knew how to make photo mats for some photos I want framed in larger frames. I have some research ahead of me!


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