Project Life 2013: Week 12

Although I’m still quite a bit behind on Project Life, I have another spread to share tonight. This is my week 12 spread, and I quite like how it turned out, especially the right hand page.Week-12

This week documents a few work related things, a new blog I’ve discovered, excitement over getting our house colour pack, a night out with Michael and the girls, and a morning sunrise date at the beach.


I had a lot of photos to choose from this week, but most of them were from Sexpo and our Sunday trip to the beach, so I used a couple of photo collages. This meant that I managed to fit 17 photos on my spread, and I love that I managed to use so many! I’m still loving using photos in the 3×4 slots, instead of filler cards. Most weeks when I plan my pages, I leave one or 2 of these spots as fillers on the planning sheet, but they almost always end up with random photos that I love from the week but don’t necessarily have a story to go with them.

Week-12-RightI’m also loving Cathy Zielski’s new Daily Cards. The opaque journalling spot is awesome, and I used the opaque spot on a few of my photos this week for extra journalling. On the topic of journalling, I’m even getting better at cutting it down after realising how much I love the photos in there!


Supplies used: Design A digital templateSeafoam full digital kit (with some elements recoloured), Photoshop quick shapes (the arrow), one of Cathy’s Daily Cards, and this Harmony Day graphic (converted to a 3×4 on my spread). Fonts are Bebas and Travelling Typewriter, which are both free downloads.

To find out more about Project Life, you can check out Becky Higgins blog here, which has lots of photo ideas and inspiration. You can see all of my Project Life posts here


2 thoughts on “Project Life 2013: Week 12

  1. Hi Jess
    Looked like heaps of fun on that colour fun run. Wish I had known about it before, I am sure my little girl would have loved it! Maybe Sydney ….. Just noticed on Becky’s site that the Tuggerah store is going to be stocking ALL the Project Life stuff. At this stage, its only 1 of 2 stores (outside of spotlight), which I find quite funny. Last time I was in there talking about it, they hadn’t even heard of it! I haven’t been in there much in the past year though, since starting PL my traditional scrapbooking (and hence the need for the product they stock) has diminished….. I tend to be on the same wave length as you – liking the products not so readily available in our stores 🙂
    Have fun with all your house choices, although a bit overwhelming all at once, I’m sure it will be fun nonetheless…

    • Hi Tania,
      The Color Run really was awesome! I’d definitely recommend it… We’ll almost certainly be in Sydney, and I’m betting it will be on in Newcastle again next year, too. That’s awesome about the Tuggerah shop stocking Project Life, that is still my shop to go for supplies… I’m glad they’re finally learning about Project Life! The house stuff is good, but I’m a little over it all now… It’s been overload! I just want to be in there and decorating and planting 🙂

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