Bathurst Weekend Getaway

Last weekend we headed to Bathurst to celebrate my 11-year-old cousin, Emma, being in her first performance. She was a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz, and she super cute! It was such a fun show… I’ve never seen a stage performance of the Wizard of Oz (or anything else, really), which made it all the more special.

OneTwoThreeFiveI was rather impressed at how amazing Dorothy’s voice was, too… Apparently the girl who played her was only 15, but man she could sing! And the guy who played the Cowardly Lion was the funniest of the lot. He got some awesome street cred when we saw him take off on a nice Harley after the show, as well! All of the characters really played their roles well.


SixSevenEightQuite a few of us made the trip to visit and stay with my Uncle… Me and Michael, Mum and Bec, Nan and my Mum’s aunt, and another uncle, so it was great to catch up with everyone! We had dinner and drinks on the Saturday and stayed up for hours catching up, then visited my Auntie, Emma and her brother on the Sunday for a few hours.



TwelveWe surprised her with a “Congratulations on the awesome show!” present of her very own Project Life mini album and the Mayfield mini kit, since she liked my 2011 album when she saw it, and loves scrapbooking herself (a hobby that we got her into!)


SixteenIt’s was great to spend a weekend away with family, catching up, relaxing and enjoying some drinks together. The only downside was ending up with the flu while away! Congratulations, Emma, on such an awesome show!


EghteenNineteenWizard of Oz


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