Marshmallow Vodka

I decided that I wanted to try this birthday cake martini cocktail that I found online one day, but when I looked around to find the fluffed marshmallow vodka that the recipe calls for, I was rather unsuccessful, so I decided to try my hand at infusing my own!

What you need

To do this, I used an old orange juice bottle to make the infusion in. I used about a litre of vodka, and filled it with half a packet of marshmallows. I left this infusing in the fridge for about 2 weeks, shaking it a couple of times each day, since the marshmallows float on top. When you’re ready to make the cocktails, strain the marshmallows out. Easy, huh?

Well, it turned out that the birthday cake martini cocktail was a bit too strong for all of use when I made it for my sister’s birthday (this could be because white chocolate liqueur was impossible to find in Australia when I looked, so I instead used normal chocolate liqueur), so I decided to experiment and try some other ideas.


Some other ideas I’d like to try are this toasted marshmallow martini recipe, an adult version of this birthday cake milkshake recipe, and this dark-n-fluffy recipe. Maybe I’ll mess with a few variations of some of our favourites (toblerone, anyone?) I’ll share here as I come up with more ideas 🙂

Anyone have any ideas of marshmallow vodka cocktails to try? I’m gathering ideas to try once I get over being sick


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