10 Things May – Projects in Progress

I have quite a few different projects on the go right now, and so my 10 things for this month is a list of what I’m working on to help keep me on track!

  • A black and white knitted blanket
  • A Thailand photobook (10 pages done already and only 2 days into the trip!)
  • Some star coasters
  • Photo organisation. I’m working on spending 15 minutes a day sorting through photos on my laptop so that I can get them organised, since I have such shocking organisation of my photos!
  • Finding some white napkins so that I can start a new project involving dye
  • Colour and landscaping decisions for the new house, since we have both appointments on Monday
  • Catching up on typing out my diary entries, since I’ve written about a months worth in dot points only, and want to record them properly in Oh Life
  • More Project Life spreads. I know I am quite behind, and I’m ok with it, but I still want to work at catching up at least a little!
  • Making a list of easy to grow indoor plants so I can start injecting some living things into the apartment to get in practice for the new house!
  • Packing for a weekend road trip to Bathurst with Michael, Mum and Bec to see my cousin perform in a stage production of the Wizard of Oz

It’s going to be a busy and awesome few months!


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