Color Run Fun!

On Sunday, our team RedE 2 Run (consisting of me, Michael, Bec and Zane) dragged ourselves out of bed super early so that we could head to the Color Run in Newcastle for the morning. We arrived pretty early, which gave us time to pick up our race packs with our awesomely clean, bright white shirts, and I brought a Color Run hoodie since it was such a cold morning. We then headed to a cafe to have some coffee to warm up, since we had about an hour to fill.

123As you can see, we started the day out nice and clean! All 50,000 or so people were the same, with most of us wearing our white Color Run shirts, some people in white pants as well, and quite a few people dressed up with tutus, wigs and the likes. I was happy to see people of all different ages, including lots of kids. This would have been one of the most awesome things ever to me when I was little!


The Color Run is basically a 5km fun run, with colour stations every kilometre or so. We started off passing Orange, then Blue, then yellow, and lastly Pink coming in at the 4km mark. At each of these stations, there were volunteers with sauce bottles of coloured powder, who would coat you with the stuff as you walked or ran past. So fun!


By the time we hit the finish line, we were all pretty colourful! The fun didn’t stop there though… We were all given a packet of colour powder, and headed to the colour party, where we could dance and mingle, then every 15 minutes, everyone would complete a colour throw, where we threw the powder into the air. These colours were even more vivid, with greens, yellows, pinks, blues, oranges, purples and reds. The colour cloud looked amazing, too!


The whole day was a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish foundation (I didn’t actually find this out until after we got back home). It’s so awesome to get to have such a fun day out, while supporting a worthwhile cause!


To check out some of the fun, you can view a video of the day here, and some of the official photos here.


The Color Run was so worth the long trip to Newcastle, and we will so be going to the one in Sydney on 25th August! We’re more prepared for next time, and are planning on dressing up, and customising our shirts a bit. It’s going to be another awesome day, and hopefully we’ll have a bigger team next time! If you get a chance, I highly recommend this to everyone!


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