April Instagrams

One of my goals for April was to share a photo a day on Instagram. I’m happy to say that I did really well with this, and I’m pretty sure I only missed one day, which is ok, since I took extra photos on other days. I’m super excited about reaching this goal, and I wanted to share my pictures.


Some tips that I have from using Instagram so much:

  • Take the photo on your phone camera, then open in instagram. That way, if you want to use the original photo for something, you still have the higher quality, unedited image
  • When taking the photo, if you tap a spot on the screen, you iPhone camera will focus on that point, and expose the photo for the light at that point, which will mean the part of the photo you want in focus will be more likely to be in focus and exposed properly
  • Experiment with the composition of your photo, because what looks good as a rectangle photo can be different to what looks good as a square photo. Keep in mind that you’ll be changing the look of the photo as soon as you crop it to square
  • Try all the different filters for a photo. While I have definite favourites that I go back to, I still test the others on each photo to see if one of the other’s suits the photos better


I have also discovered that you can set up iCloud on a PC, which has been an awesome discovery! I’ve always been terrible at taking photos off my phone, but now they automatically transfer to my laptop… So much easier to use in my Project Life spreads!

One feature I do hope that Instagram introduces at some stage is an option to choose any frame to go with any filter… I don’t like some of the frames on some of the filters I use, and other filters have frames I don’t like, so I’d love if eventually you’re able to mix and match frames and filters! Instagram gods if you can hear me, here’s a little idea for you to introduce!!

If you wish to follow me on Instagram, you can find me here.


2 thoughts on “April Instagrams

    • Thank you, M&K! This was really fun to put together as a collage, and I think I’ll be doing something like this every month or 2 now, and may even print some 🙂

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