Happy Birthday, Samantha!

Birthday Girl

Dear Samantha,

Happy birthday, Little Sister! 20 years ago, we welcomed you into the world, and now I can’t believe you’re no longer a teen anymore… Unless I follow your logic of twenteen being an age, that is!

You were such a shy little kid growing up, and it has been awesome to see how far you have come over the last couple of years. You’re growing into an amazing young woman, albeit a bit of a party animal, but then again, you did spend your teenage years living with Bec, so I wouldn’t expect any different! Although you guys argue lots, you are very close.

The year ahead is going to be so amazing for you, with your first solo overseas trip, and the fact that you’ll be living and working in America for at least a few months. Even though you’re officially an adult, I hope you never lose that ability to set your own path, and do crazy exciting things like this! I’m betting you’ll learn so much, and come back planning where your next going to head! Just remember, you get to choose where you want to go in life and what you want to be now that you’re all grown up!

Have an amazing birthday, Samantha, and an even better year ahead!

Love Jessica


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