25 Secrets

25 Secrets

I have had a DSLR for 1 1/2 years now, yet I’ve only just gotten a cleaning kit for it

I am still yet to use it

I have a stash of shot glasses and other odds and ends for a bar that I’ve been collecting for years

I’m not sure where I would have a bar in our new house

Most of these shot glasses are from other countries, and I have something for the bar from every place we’ve been

This is except for Ios, Greece, since it broke while shipping it home

I am a night owl, and have been known to sleep to 1pm on rare occasions (usually I’m up by 10am)

I learnt how to knit as a kid and hated it

Mum tried to teach me, but she’s left handed and I’m not, so I learnt from a book

Now I’m in the process of knitting 2 different blankets and love it!

I want to get married overseas, and I’m thinking Hawaii or Paris

I love Paris, and would love to have an extended holiday there. Contiki tours don’t let you stay long enough!

On the note of Contiki tours… I would never do one again because you don’t get to stay anywhere long enough to get to enjoy it and its so rushed

I’m frustrated and feeling guilty to have tomorrow off work for ANZAC day, but have no idea where there will be a service around Parramatta

Google was no help

I’ve never been late to work since I started this job

I arrived 5 minutes late today

My TV show of choice right now is Criminal Minds

I don’t own a TV, but I love watching TV shows, especially when crafting

I work and create best in clean and uncluttered surroundings

That’s why I’m so hooked on my craft room right now and spend every night in here

I need to spend some time in Photoshop making some photo books

I want some trip ones to go on our coffee table

Right now, I’m trendy as ever, wearing purple pajama pants and fluffy slippers, along with a turquoise way-to-dressy-to-relax-in work shirt

I do not like the infinite scroll feature wordpress has on blogs and I’ve spent 2 days trying to figure out how to get rid of it here, unsuccessfully, mind you!

*Inspired by Elise’s 25 Final Secrets post


5 thoughts on “25 Secrets

  1. Have you worked out the infinite scroll feature yet? I think from memory it is under setting>reading and just a box you click or unclick to turn on and off. Don’t quote me I could be wrong!

    • I had a look on there, and there doesn’t seem to be a tick box anymore. I asked on the support thing as well, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to do it at all since June last year unless you get the custom upgrade, which is frustrating! I’m thinking that I might upgrade at some stage though, so we’ll see!

      • I guess it might… I’ll have a mess around with a blog I set up for my sister and see if I can find something on hers… Thanks for letting me know! 🙂

      • Just had a bit of a play around… There is a note on this theme that infinite scroll is disabled because I have a footer widget, but when I click on older posts, it still loads more below, rather than opening the new page still… I checked yours and it does the same… I was hoping for something similar to most blogs where it opens a new page and you click older and newer, rather than it constantly opening at the bottom of the page…

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