Project Life 2013: Week 10

I have now completed 10 weeks of Project Life, and I’d have to say, I think I’ve stuck to this better than I do for most scrapbooking projects!

Week-10I noticed as I went to work on this weeks spread that I have very few photos from the week. I’m not sure how that happened, since I had just under 800 photos for the month of March! This ended up being a text heavy week, but it meant that I could document a few things in a bit more detail, such as keeping a diary for over a year, and the first day back at work after 2 1/2 weeks off. Oh, and my love of Pinterest!

Week-10-LeftI also managed to document Michael’s nieces’ birthday, our balcony dinner tradition while the weather is good, a TV mini series we watched this week, the Sunday car washing tradition, and more house choices. I’ve recorded some house bits and pieces here, and also some in diary, and I’m actually excited at the idea of making a mini book about our house building journey. I’m tossing around ideas at the moment, whether or not to do a photo book or mini album, but I’ll update on here once I decide!

Week-10-RightAnother week down, and I still love this project! This week was a good reminder that I need to take more photos, too, so I’m working on that at the moment!

Supplies used: Design A digital templateSeafoam full digital kit (with some elements recoloured), and Photoshop quick shapes (the arrow). Fonts are Bebas and Travelling Typewriter, which are both free downloads.

To find out more about Project Life, you can check out Becky Higgins blog here, which has lots of photo ideas and inspiration. You can see all of my Project Life posts here


2 thoughts on “Project Life 2013: Week 10

  1. Your Project Life looks great!! The colors are so pretty and I love that you included lots of journaling. I should write more in mine!

    • Thank you, Deb! I love using bright colours, and the brights in seafoam are some of my favourites! I’m actually trying to cut down on journalling on the photo heavy weeks, so weeks with very few photos now have a lot!

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