26 Projects – Stamp Organisation

Stamps9I have quite a few stamps, and my stamp collection is always growing. Previously, these were all kept in the original packaging in a basket, but they were hard to go through with all the varying sizes and the mess that this created, as you can see below. Knowing that I work best in organised surroundings, I spent about 6 months or so keeping an eye out for ways to organise my stamps better before coming across this Youtube video with an awesome stamp organising solution.

Stamps1Since this video shows the process I followed, I didn’t really take many pictures as I was going through, but I will quickly list the steps. Firstly, I gathered supplies. All you need to make each one of these is a sheet of cardstock, 2 overhead projector sheets, glue and tape.

Stamps3Next up, I glued an overhead projector sheet to the cardstock. I just used a glue stick for this, but I’m not sure that it will hold permanently, so I would experiment with glue a bit more next time. If they come apart, I’ll just use a glue tape.

Stamps6Once the first overhead sheet was glued, I taped a second one along one of the long sides so that it was against the first one, but open on 3 sides like a flap. I then sliced these in half with my usual paper trimmer. I used A4 sheets to make the pages, but I wanted these stamps pages to be A5 to better fit my storage space. A5 size works perfect though, since it fits 2 stamp sets on each.

Stamps7I transferred the stamps over one set at a time, by opening up the flap on each page, and transferring the stamps from the packaging over to the overhead sheet that was glued to the cardstock. I kept them in order as to how they were in the original pack, on occasion moving them a bit closer together to get a better fit. Once I had my 2 sets on each pack, I folded the overhead protector flap back over, to encase the stamps and protect them from dust.

Stamps8Once the stamp set was transferred, I cut the protector sheet off the original packaging, and glued the part of the packaging the stamps were stuck onto the back of the cardstock, as this had the designs printed on already. I then labelled these back pages with the stamp set details, as above, using the manufacturer and stamp set name if I could find it.

Stamps4And I have to say, the end result makes me happy! These fit perfectly into my basket, look so much nicer, and I can use with the front or back to find the stamps I’m after, since they’re labelled with the image on the back. While doing this, I did try to keep themes together, such as Christmas or birthdays, since this will be how I use the stamps, but I also tried to keep brands together as well. There are a few sheets that are half full, that I can then add to at a later time, since I know there will be many more stamps that I buy in the future.


This is project 15 of 26 in my attempt to make 26 crafty projects before turning 27 on 19th June, 2013. The 26 projects idea was inspired by Elise Blaha

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